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Thread: Your Weekend...

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    Near Newcastle, NSW


    Yeah...I am looking forward to going away

    Where did you go for the wine tasting and pasta cooking?

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    We went to a place called "The Olive and Grape" in Mount Broke.

    It was a small winery and the hosts were SO friendly.

    We had a 3 course lunch with our main course being the pasta we had made. It was amazing! I highly reccomend it!

    We also wen't to all the main wineries. Around the same place that the Gardens are. I wish I could remember all their names. The one that stood out for me had a deli and gelato place there, a long cement walk way, a big grassy area and then a big winery. We went to a cheese tasting place and to a beer place. It was great! Wish it wasn't so far from us! Would LOVE to take OH there!

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    well this weekend should be ok I guess

    This evening we have another Fattar for Pedro (another gathering of people to do a reading of Qur'an and evening pray)

    Sat my elder bro is going to attempt to take kids to movies

    Sunday not much

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