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Thread: How Do You Make Friends??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jazz & Banjo View Post
    wow I thought I was strange in the fact I had no friends

    I have friends that have moved all over the place that I speak to often on the phone but not 'real' friends I can have coffee with for literally hundreds of kms. (except my boyfriend lol)
    I thought moving to adelaide might be good for a new start, make new friends etc but so far thats not going so well.
    Doesnt help though when I am also shy, awkward, lazy and a little bit to comfortable with it being just me and my boyfriend haha.
    It does really get me down sometimes on a friday night though when I just wish I had someone to go have a laugh at the pub with (besides my bf!)

    Honestly I am glad to know im not the only one
    Every now and then I get accused of neglecting my friends for my boyfriend......I have to say no way! I'm neglecting you for the dogs!! jeez

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    I'm just out of high school, and I don't have many "close" friends. I have people that I go out clubbing and partying with, but I prefer the ones that go to the dog park with me - my sister, two of my closest friends, my best friend, and my OH. I spend more time with my sister than anybody and I'm fine with that.

    It depends if you're uncomfortable not having that many friends... If you're lonely, the best thing to do is put yourself out there in one of the ways suggested -- going to a dance class is a great way to meet people. I took one in 2006 with my mother's best friend's son who is one of the only person I can see once every year and still feel comfortable with. It's like we pick up where we left off.

    Volunteering at a dog rescue is also a good way to find friends. My OH and my best friend were met through the rescue I work at.

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    You're definitely not alone. My best friend lives in Melb (I'm in SA) so we only see each other 2-3 times a year.

    I'm so busy with my kids, husband & pooch that I think I just don't put in as much effort as I should with people. I'm also shy when I first meet people so that works against me as I find it hard to strike up interesting conversations with people.
    Sometimes I wish I were my 4.5 year old daughter who just makes friends with whoever she meets

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    Melbourne peeps can PM me for a meet up if they like and we can be fwends

    I'm not too high maintenance though I do need a kick up the bum to get my butt over to visit etc

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    Default you know that we are neighbours? seriously i live like 15 min from you =)

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    Bordeaux, don't stress over the quantity of your friends.

    I am by nature a very self-sufficient person, I keep my self to myself, and my business is mine. I generally don't speak unless spoken to, so inane chit chat does not come easily to me in social situations (if at all!).

    I do not speak to anyone I went to high school with as high school was 6 years of social ostracism for me, and it was also a l-o-n-g time ago.

    I have 3 Very Close Friends. One is Mr Pinkest. 2nd I met on a chat room of all places, and 3rd I met at a social club that advertised in a local paper. #rd I have known for 10+ years and is closer to me than any sister could be. We currently haven't spoken since last Christmas, but when we do speak, we will pick up out last conversation as if it was 2 minutes ago. 2nd friend, on paper, I have nothing in common with, and yet we just work well as great friends. Travelled around the US together a while back and came back still friends. I know. Amazing!

    You must get out to meet people. They will not come and knock on your front door to say "O Hai!" like a lost LOLCat looking for a poster to hang on.

    So, that means you must get out, and start doing something htat interests YOU. The dancing, or the dog club, or ANY club for that matter, will only give you benefits if it really matters to you.

    Is your OH the posessive sort? Does (or would) he crack it if you suddenly developed interests that didn't involve him? Think about that one seriously, because you could be subconsciously letting go of the outside world if you know it will upset him. NEither right nor wrong, it's just possible, and something to factor in to what you decide to do.

    I'm a Melbourne girl too, and while I'm a way from Epping (Pakky), I'm quite willing to get in the car and meet mid-way. I know Rosie would be up for having a DDB as a poochy-pal to walk with.

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    I met my OH online. We both used to play World of Warcraft. What really got us talking was that we lived in the same suburb. Turns out we lived about 2 minutes drive from each other and even went to the same primary school. I went through a few years before him.

    So you can meet worthwhile people anywhere.

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    You play wow? OMG. I play an online war game also,thou i dont wish to say which as i am um,not well liked in it lmao,at least other alliances dont like me coz i have destroyed their weapons and farmed them in times of war etc lol.

    I have very few friends in RL,thou those i do have are friends for life,thru thick and thin etc. I have many online friends whom i do consider as family also,so much so that i have received and sent gifts to and from many parts of the world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bordeaux View Post
    This isn't suppposed to be a 'poor me' thread. I was just thinking about things and thought I'd see what other people thought

    I was thinking I'd love to go have a coffee or something after work today since my OH wont be home till late but I've come to a realisation (sp?) that I dont have any friends.

    My 'best friend' I've grown apart from, she's become someone I'm not sure I like and she lives over an hour away so dont have much to do with her anyway.
    And I never stayed in touch with the people I was friends with through school (they thought I was strange )

    So what I'm wondering is, how do you make friends when your in your late 20's

    I work by myself most of the day so work mates is kind of out.

    I am going to be taking Burlesque classes in a few weeks (fingers crossed it depends where they are held) so maybe I might meet someone there.

    It almost feels like I'm dating again
    Making friendships through sport and recreation, and other interest groups joining a club etc is the way to go. I find it very easy but some times it takes time.

    I have trouble keeping them though because for some reasons I move ALOT I am probably averaging just 3 years in one location now. Here one second gone the next
    Like sands through the hour glass so are.........
    If you find yourself going through hell; Don't stay. Just keep on going.

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    Laura, I didn't realise you were so close.
    Pugger, for some strange reason I though you lived up north
    It would eb great to meet up sometime

    Pinkest - my OH would be more than happy for me to have my own interests. He has his own thing (ten pin bowling, not something I love) which he does 2 nights a week. And he feels bad that I'm left at home all time.
    We've been trying to find something that we both like to do together but apart from online gaming (I'm also a WOW girl) our interests dont seem to meet.

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