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Thread: The Wolrd is a Bloody Begging Strip!

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    Default The Wolrd is a Bloody Begging Strip!

    I cant escape them, whether it people asking for a dollar and a smoke on the street, phone calls at all hours begging for some money for some cause, letters in the mail, ads on TV etc on an on and bloody on, I don't care if its tax deductable I am not made of money, I work very hard for what little I have and if I want to give some hard earned away I will, but bloody hell the more it happens the less and less charitable I become. It makes me feel like I am trying to be sucked dry by a big fat professional begging leech!

    And then they all seem to get ****ty when I say no. Or try some guilt crap on me I actualy had to tell one to **** off because they called 3 times in a row!..

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    I have put my name on the do not call register. That seems to stop the telemarketers. Charities I just say that I have those I support, thank you. I do enjoy getting the money calls from Rural volunteer fire fighters..I tell them I have donated my husband, that he is a vice captain..they say I have done enough then lol. I don't see or get the begging people in my small town and rarely in surrounding areas..that would piss me off if it was constant in a town or city I was in.

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    Yeah, would piss me off too. Used to get heaps of those calls, shocking, sometimes 6 times a night. They would just go on and on...I finally learnt to interrupt them and say "I'm naked. Can you se me? " and they would hang up. It was priceless, the poor buggers!

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    I have never had a call in my life. I havent put my name on any no call register either. I wondy why I havent? They would drive me crazy though.

    Regarding begging in the streets... I used to live in sydney and work in the city.. all I ever got was asked for cigs which I usually gave. Its just one less that I will smoke after all. And occasionaly got asked for change- and I would dig around the bottom of my bag for silver and hand it over- then my bag weighs less and we are all happy. So my response to that is get over it. Not everyone is as fortunite as you having a good upbringing and no mental health/ drug issues (I am assuming of course so my apologies if I am wrong).

    I have had a world vision sponsor since I left home and got full time work.

    In the end it is my hard earned money but in a selfish way it makes me feel good to give it away occasionaly and helps out.

    So why not.

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    It's the people trying to sell something that p*ss me off....and asking for credit at work, same people all the time (it's called 'budgeting'!)

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    Normally i can tell before they start talking an di just hang up on them mid sentence... or if im bored ill sit there and talk to them and make them feel loved.. and then hang up on them.
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    ohhh those marketing b*llsh*t calls from overseas drive me freaken mad & some of the those companies employee's have mad some nasty threats if people don't listen to them or dont accept the offers being made

    I just tell them to f**k off & leave the phone off the hook... bet it pisses them right off dialing back an engaged number
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    In the town im in i usually get asked if i even go past the railway station for a smoke or coins,same as at bus stops. I work on a casual basis,and what little i do earn goes directly on myself and my kids,i wont support some stranger so they can smoke,or get that bottle of beer they want. A friend? Heck yes,i would help them in a blink of an eye,and have done so before. But a complete stranger asking me for money? I dont think so.

    Those that phone up asking me to donate to this or that i abuse them. I tell them i support charities at work,and tell them to F off as it is after hours and this is MY time. When they do call during office hours i tell them to F off then also,telling them i work shift work.

    Door knockers get the same treatment,you can usually tell if they are there selling stuff,so i ask what sh!t they are selling today,then when they go into their marketing talk i tell them the same as above,'F off' then i slam the door.

    Imo,if i want to buy something,change gas or phone companies,or support a charity,i will do that while i am down the street,or at my leisure.

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    Hehe... When telemarketers call and they ask for one of my parents I just say I will just go get them, and go awayfor about ten minutes come back and say Oh, theyre coming and after an hour I say, Oh, theyre not here right now... Or I will just leave the phone, and let them blabber to themselves...

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    I work in the city and often get harrassed by charities trying to take my money when I got for a walk at lunchtime. The thing that makes be the maddest is when people knock on my door at home and expect me to listen to their sales pitch or worse, the ones asking for money or drugs. I usually don't even answer my door these days unless I know it's someone I'm expecting. When I do answer it and it's a salesman I let the dogs stand next to me going bollistic and say "sorry I can't hear you" and close the door. Quite often they jump a few feet back as soon as they hear the dogs I was getting a lot of those phone calls too (even though I have an unlisted number) but as is said above, I'm on the do not call register now and haven't had another one since.

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