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Bans are necessary because these kind of changes are not going to be made voluntarily. Now hopefully the other states will follow suit or tassie pig farming will become unviable (unless there are enough consumers out there willing to support a niche market of more ethical pork production - which I doubt)

CJay since you seem to have some background knowledge on this subject I'd be interested to know what your solution is.
I don't have the solution, I don't think anyone does. I just can't see how pig farming will be viable (as you have said) in tasmania. What concerns me is that Tasmanian farming over the last 10 years has copped some big hits, drought and continually rising living costs/interest rates have been a massive factor in valuable farm land being sold off to mass production tree farming and factory type farming, for example fish.

Our state government has been claiming that Tasmania will become the food bowl of Australia, however if farmers can't afford to farm then where is the food going to come from?

Raising costs within the cities have caused people to shop without emotion. A mother with 5 mouths to feed will buy the cheapest they can regardless of whether it was grown in a factory or a paddock. That tends to go with produce, meat and pershiable items.

Something which also should be taken into consideration is that these animals don't seem to get along overly well. On a visit to a piggery (around 7 years ago) I asked the owner of the necessity of sow stalls. His reply was that he would rather not use them, however due to the cost he couldn't afford larger single pens and if he threw them all in together he wouldn't have much to sell later on as the pigs would attack each other. He did continue graphically what would happen but i'd rather not re-visit that.