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Thread: Reputation Points

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    Ditch the rep, keep the thanks.
    The thanks button seems to be used more anyway.

    I hope this doesn't come out the wrong way but this forum seems to be more of a community site rather than an advice site, so just the thanks button is fine.

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    I never knew where it was until today, and wouldn't have known how to use it. It seems a bit superfluous when we have the thanks button.

    Plus the anonymity of it seems to appeal to the wrong elements...

    I think it would make life easier if it was gone.

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    Great idea to have a poll Dorte. It is obvious to see most want it gone.
    I know the nasty I got was nothing compared to what messages others received.
    I hope that Morgan can do something about it.
    This is a forum for all those who love dogs, want to know more about dogs, want to share their dog experiences etc. But it is also a great support group in so many ways.
    I hope it all can be sorted and everyone can settle down once again into the great forum it was, is and can be.

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    I voted to get rid of it but if it was possible to make it public so that the person posting it wasn't anonymous then I wouldn't be too bothered if it stayed. That said just because the person leaving the comment can be seen it won't stop the idiots who join up under many usernames leaving nasty comments and rejoining under another name if they are banned.

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    I take my vote back, just get rid of it all together if possible.
    If you find yourself going through hell; Don't stay. Just keep on going.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleasanta View Post
    Hear hear!!!
    Yep after reading what some of the comments are that have been left for people it is obvious that the use of it has been abused thats for sure.
    Be gone repuation points!!!!!

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    The thanks button is much easier to use, and there are plenty of ways to communicate without hiding behind something anonymous.

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    I do not condone any mechanism by which anonymous & unsubstantiated negative judgements can be posted, whether that be for private or public consumption.

    I do like the "thanks" button. It's intent & the fact that the user registering a particular "thanks" is named, is most appropriate I feel.

    I'm glad you started this poll Clea. You're giving everyone the opportunity to democractically vote as well as post their opinion, if they so choose to do so. Well done.

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    After being off line for the weekend and coming in and reading the posts at the moment I also agree that it should be gotten rid of.

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