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Thread: Wodjareconeh?

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    I gave Nick the mission...All I wanted was ocean views and them in a separate place. No idea how long the bad effects of radiation or any will be. I wanted it close for them to travel with the kids. Told him as long as my criteria was met he could chose where. Also told him we did not have to go budget as this was my blow out gift to myself and us for some me healing and together time for us all. Sare will be a month off giving birth too.

    Well Di, seeing as your blowing the budget why not go in classy style luvie...

    Hit the very poshy resorts at the Goldie hun.

    Welcome | Palazzo Versace

    ohhh what a brilliant gorgeous extravagant hotel, i luv it there.

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    Buggeroff Greys, mine were packed first --

    Looks fantastic Di, you just lay back and get waited on hand and foot & enjoy. Like dont worry about all of us left here, twiddling the thumbs or freezing our tits off, we will survive.
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    Hmmm, thinking there might be another use for the Partridge Family bus, MAC and I can swing by to pick you and MM up Pei.

    Early July is SUCH a lovely time of year in that part of the world....and now we all know where you will be staying Di! MWAHAHAHAHA!

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    Looks great! The bf and I went down to Margaret River for my birthday last year (first time I've been out of Perth since coming to Australia!) and stayed in little chalets in the woods - it was just perfect. I hope you have lots of fun!

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    I'll just go and pack.

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