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Thread: I'm Doing It - Stop Smoking Support Please!

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    Thank You for the support

    How is everyone else going?

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    Well I made it through the weekend, was harder than I thought, and I nearly gave in once, but all is good now

    because my family didnt know I smoked, there was alot of hiding, showering, changing of clothes, deoderant, mouth wash, ect ect, but now, I seem to have so much time on my hands, as I am not showering several times a day, I can recycle my clothes not change them several times a day, I am saving water, shampoo conditioner, gell hair spray, tooth paste, mouth wash, body sprays,

    I dont know how I did it

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    I'm so proud of you. So that's the first weekend knocked over. There will be a whole bunch of "firsts" for the next little while, but go at them with the same determination that you've shown over this last W/E and you'll sail through with flying colours. Well done Pandii.

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    Thanks for the support

    I am a bit worried about my weight after losing 22 kilos in 12 months it hard to see it not moving anymore
    I suppose after living on coffee and smokes, it will take the body a bit to adjust to regular meals

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    You're just going to have to accept it's par for the course or do something about it. That's why I mentioned getting some fibre into your diet. I didn't change a thing with food etc & I still stacked it on. I think I'm starting to settle now though & move a tiny few grams here & there. Being fat in my family was a big "no no" growing up, so I've had to deal with the pschological consequences. I'd love to start smoking again to get the weight off, but I just refuse to give in.

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    I have upt my fibre lol

    I will just watch what I eat and do more excersise, hopefully that will work

    I do weight watchers but cant ask my leader about it as my sister and dad go tot he same meeting and they may here me

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    Trust me, no matter how much you tried to hide it ...... your family knew you smoked mate. You've stopped now, so take advantage of what WW's can offer in order for you to stay on track with your weight loss. At the end of the day, it's your life. What's the worst thing your family can do if you start talking about it ?? They can't kill ya & eat ya !!!!

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    Just read this thread and it's great that you are all quitting smoking
    You might not realise but your neighbours will appreciate it as well
    My sisters smoke, and my mum goes on and off smoking so its lucky that I never started.

    Congratulations for making the decision to quit, and doing as well as you have so far!

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    Congrats on making it thru another weekend.

    Agree with GDS, being a non smoker I can pick a smoker a mile away, so if your family didn't then you must have been an expert.

    Continued good luck with the weight loss too.

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    My cousin and my brother, are both in something called "champix". It's working for them, makes the cravings stop.

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