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Thread: I'm Doing It - Stop Smoking Support Please!

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    I am breathing, in out in out, stop you bloody barking, in out in out, double white lines you ****, you cant turn over them a and cut me off in ot in out in out, where are those figures I asked you for last month!!!!!!!!!

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    The "drug" is out of your body. This will be the worst "hump" to conquer kiddo. Big deep breath, hold for 2 to 3 seconds, release slowly ... get those endorphines pumping. You can do this Pandii ... you've come this far. Not long to go now to freedom. You'll feel better by tomorrow. C'mon kiddo. You can do this.

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    Thanks GSD

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    You're welcome Lovey. Get this "nailed & in the bag" for yourself & then pay it forward by supporting someone else wanting to achieve what you've been through.

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    Great idea will doo, and I didnt kill anyone in my work meeting, tempted but I didnt

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    You seem a bit calmer, so you're over that first "I soo need a cigarette, I have to have one, I'd be nicer after a smoke" ... .... "head talk"

    You'll be right Lovey. This was a "test" by The Universe today & you passed.

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    Thanks GSD, I am not sure how well I passed, I now have hot jam donuts

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    Answer this for yourself .... did you cave & "light up" ?

    If yes .... it's a "do over"

    If no .... you passed ... for today

    And it's a day-by-day proposition until you get there ....

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    Nope, i didnt light up

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    well done Pandii

    DA how are you doing???
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