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    Hey everyone,

    I thought that we should try and do our bit to help those affected by the Victorian fires, ive been up at Stanley over the past few days protecting our house although we were fortunate not to have lost it. There are many of people who have lost friends, family and their homes.

    Hopefully if you can spare a few dollars you will be able to help out.

    Australian Red Cross

    Australian Red Cross Blood Service

    Ill start things off, our family has donated $125 to red cross and i have registered to donate blood next week.

    I hope everyone can dig deep!

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    It has certainly been a very sad week...

    My heart goes out to all those touched by these soul destroying fires .

    We have donated as well . I just wish I could do so much more.
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    When I see pictures of the devestation, I am really lost for words..

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    Donated as well. Same, im just lost for words. Every morning waking up feels like a bad dream and im not in the thick of it (Being in Sydney) Watching the news everyday and everyday it makes me cry. The amount of people that have lost their lives, their friends and families, their homes, their animals, .... its just so hard to digest and comprehend the massiveness of the situation, I feel like the shock has just hit me in the last few days, i can imagine what it must be like, its heartbreaking.

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    Its just so sad to watch this on the news and see what people went threw. It really is worse than your worse night mares. But it is so great to see how many people have donated money and goods. Really makes you proud to be Australian.

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    We are collecting pet food and accessories to send down in the next couple of weeks

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