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Thread: Mistakes..?

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    WHOOT! Another person who uses the word 'dinking'! LOL!

    That reminds me.

    When my friend was dinking on my motorbike, we went over a jump (OUCH!) and my brother flew around on HIS motorbike, scaring the crap out of my friend and resulting in her leaning way to far over one side. Causing the bike to fall over and myself being trapped between the exhaust pipe and my friend. Got a 2nd degree burn from that. Ouch LOL!
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    Demi - you could extrapolate brakes failing - to any vehicle - ie not just the treadly but it could happen to your car, it can happen on the flat, and if you're going flat out, you're still going to be at risk of being clobbered by a car. And alternate to brakes on treadly - your shoes on the ground. Which is why never ride barefoot. Cos using barefoot for brakes - hurts.

    another mistake - I seem doomed to repeat
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    Mistakes? I used to trust too easily, sadly i found out the hard way not to do that and it takes me a long long time to trust someone now

    I made a lot of mistakes with my dogs, looking back now I can see almost every one - too late to do anything about it... I think most of it came down to not removing my dogs from a situation that I felt they were not comfortable -

    Eg: Photo shoot with Atlas and other dogs, Atlas looked a little spooked, but trainer said he was fine... It ended in Atlas being attacked - I should have listened to my gut feelings and got him out of there, not listened to the trainer - I thought that seeing she was a trainer and I was only the owner who had never done any dog training before that she knew the right thing.

    This caused Atlas to hate most other dogs

    I have heaps more, too many to list - but they are two of the bigger ones
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