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    Just after a bit of tension/agression etc around the forum in the last month of so, I thought I would post this bit I had read on respect. Hope you like it!

    RESPECT is the heart and soul of behaviour growth, development, management and leadership.
    Respect is relating to others the way you want to be related to – with attention, kindheartedness and thoughtfulness.
    When you are respectful, you are mindful, courteous and patient.
    Respect values differences – the different ways we learn, the different ways we relate and interact with each other, our different personalities, temperaments,capabilities and competencies.
    Different gender, cultures, faith and language are a symbol of diversity and distinction, not division and dissension.
    Respect recognizes that a person has as much right to the way they think and feel asyou do.
    Respect does not embarrass, disgrace or hurt.
    When you are respectful, you esteem and honour. You hold others in high regard, valuing them for who and what they are.
    Respect values social equity - viewing everyone as equal, with differing roles and responsibilities.
    Respect is being considerate of others’ principles, beliefs and values.
    When you respect others you refrain from criticizing, discriminating, blaming and shaming.
    You do not deny, intimidate or discount. You acknowledge diversity, rights
    and responsibilities.
    Respect is non-judgmental.
    When you are respectful, you deal with situations rather than spend time working out who to blame for the situation.
    You diagnose the problem before subscribing solutions.
    Respect embraces compassion and care.
    Respect does not denigrate others for what or who they are.
    Respect does not punish someone for not being perfect.
    Respect involves accepting, appreciating, valuing and understanding.

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    Much appreciated, Bo, as always.

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    I'm going to add another perspective.

    How to Gain the Respect of Others — Sri Chinmoy Inspiration

    I'm not into everything sri chinmoy but I like this article.

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