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Thread: You Dont Have to Read This

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    Unhappy You Dont Have to Read This

    You dont have to read this I am just having a bad Mum moment

    I have upset my oldest without meaning to and I feel so bad, I need to make it up to her

    I was supposed to watch DVDs with her tonight, she even brought supper and I got held up with GFs and come home to find her in bed crying.

    I never seem to get to her band nights or her hockey matches, and sometimes driving her to work seems to much

    I seem to be on ehr back over little things and I never mean too.

    I love her dearlya dn she is a beautiful young lady, and I tell everyone and everyone who mets says she is such a credit to me, she is thoughful and loving and caring.

    I need to make it up to her, she needs my time and I am going to do everything I can to try and make it up to how horrible I have been to her for what seems so long.

    I know I have negleted her alot and relied on her to much. Since splitting from her step father I feel I have been asking to much of her to help me, and she feels that the little kids have got all my attention for what seems like years.

    I feel awful and I have to fix it but I am not sure how.

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    I've never really being into my parents all that much, but sometimes the best you can do for that moment, is come in, hug her and apologize. How old is she, if I may ask?

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    Show her what you just wrote, that's a start.

    Hugs to you, I'm not a mother but I take my hat off to you, especially the ones doing it on their own.

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    I ditto both the above. TBH when I am angry or upset at my mum.....really deep down I was want a hug!

    Your doing ok

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    I am a mum, and a grandmother.
    Pandi, I agree show her what you wrote. It can not be just words though. If you feel this way then DO something about it. Time goes so fast, they are so special, we can not go back in time to do it over.

    I guess with choices..DVDs with a daughter, being with friends...10 years time, how will you feel, what would you wish you had done?

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    So you tell everyone else how wonderful she is, but do you tell her?

    My daughter and I have "Date" nights, once a month we give each other a pedicure and manicure and it's great fun. I do so much with my eldest son that I felt she was being left out by default. He does all these sports that I attend with him and cheer him on, but she has no outside school interests, (except for talking on the phone to all her friends!!), so I gave her one. It honestly has been the best thing ever!

    Are you able to go out with her, have a shopping day, go look at the music stores at all the new musical instruments, etc?

    Last of all, as everyone has already said, hug her, and let her know she is important to you.

    Good luck!!

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    I have nothing new to add just agree with the others suggestions.

    Life gets so hectic sometimes.

    I watched a mother in the doctors surgery only yesterday and was amazed at how maternal the eldest daughter was, (there seemed to be a big age gap between the eldest daughter and the youngest), the youngest was being a little turd and kept running into the doctors tea room and mum just kept talking to the receptionist about day to day life while the eldest daughter took charge of the youngest one, but as they walked out the door mum took the eldest girls arm and put it into the crook of her arm and I thought that was sweet.

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    Hey hun,

    She will be ok, sit down and talk to her - the kids know how hard things are for you at the moment and want to help you as well as you help them

    you are a great mum! Look at how far you all have come since everything has happened? Not many people could get things sorted out that well

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    Just make sure she knows that you love her, give her hugs and tell her thank you for all her help and support and work out a mum and daughter day (make sure both of you have nothing you need to attend to that day), have some fun, go shopping, have lunch somewhere and then an evening of DVDs and Pizza or something.
    Just be honest with her and let her know how you feel!

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    Wow so many comments in such a short time

    She is nearly 19yo, She is a great child, does well in school (year 13) balances work and her darling BF, and helps here

    I do want to amke it up to her, I lvoe her so much, last night I did go and cuddle her and chat to her and say that none of how she is feeling is her faults its all mine and I told her how special she is and how lovely and gave her a huge block of choclate

    I woke her up this morning with a cuddle and a kiss and a hot milo.
    I always touch her arm or hair and tell her that she is special and I love her, just seems my time is not spent with her, i suppose I feel she is so capable and mature

    I did suggest a day for us and she shrugged me of but I will suggest it again when she is not so upset, I know this has been a hard time for us all.

    I do the best I can, I have 4 kids sometimes 5 and 1 is aspergers and 1 is autistic, I do the best I can, but I am going to try harder, with my time for her, tonight I am going to put the others to bed early, get choclate ice cream and the NEW MOON movie and me and her are going to watch it.

    And I will tell her I love her

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