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Thread: You Dont Have to Read This

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bohemiannic View Post
    Brothers wouldn't be much help at 18 & 16! Just think though Belle, you are taking on a lot of responsibilities, but also with responsibilities and doing things right, you are learning a lot of valuable lessons for when you are older and have your own household!
    Too right I am!

    She may not even get into Epworth for another month yet, at least that gives me some time to prepare and settle back into school.

    I am glad that it may be a month away but it makes me feel a bit selfish as mum needs this and we are stopping her...

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    good on you Pands!

    You do more for your kids than most parents do, you should be proud of your work
    I am doing Relay For Life in 2011, please contact me to make a donation

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    Thanks teebs, I have sorted things out and we have some great plans

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pandii View Post
    Thanks teebs, I have sorted things out and we have some great plans
    She is a lucky girl to have you.

    All the best.

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    I don't know what it is about boys, it's very rare to find one that will help, even with family. If you notice a boy / man anywhere who helps willingly, sees the good in life and you, and isn't completely effiminate and is still single...

    My mum was the main caretaker for her mum, even though she had three older brothers, they did not help.

    And when my parents went on holidays - they said I was "in charge". I was the oldest, but my brother was/is much bigger than I am and never did anything I told him to so I told mum I was moving out while they were on holidays, I went and stayed with friends for two weeks while my brother trashed the place like I knew he would. And guess who got yelled at when they got back? Yeah, me, not him. I didn't clean up the mess though.

    I think you train brothers like puppies. You start off with tiny easy things and give heaps of praise when they get it right - like putting their dirty dishes on the sink - step one, and step two - stacking them nicely. And doing it badly is better than not doing it at all. Doing it badly is a sneaky trick by men/boys to try to get out of doing it at all (like the dishes), so you still praise the effort, and make sure they get the semi-clean cup next.

    And you avoid yelling at them for getting it wrong, especially if it's longer than 3 seconds after the fact. Just focus on when they get it right. So if you send them shopping and they come back with the wrong brand or package size or just forget stuff, you have to deal with that without getting outraged - cos shopping takes practice. I still forget stuff or just can't find things when I go shopping, even with a list.

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    Pandii, I'm not a mother but I just wanted to say thank you for being so caring and trying so hard for your children. It's great to see the point of view from the other "side of the fence".

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