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Thread: Anyone Have a Caravan?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aussie Floyd View Post
    aww.. i got one of those type of hubby's too.. but then again who can blame him for not buying flowers tho, specially when i do yell at him for spending a lot of money on flowers at Valentines.
    They make up for not buying flowers in other ways!

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    Which way are you leaning, Beau, with the choices?

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beau View Post
    What type and was it a good investment to have?

    I'm tossing up between a caravan and a camper trailer, irregular usage.
    camper trailers are great, and very well made..
    id get one in a heart beat if i had the cash.
    easier to tow than a caravan, and they have everything a caravan has!
    You can get extra peices for them too, like annex's etc

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    I love caravans, but am not that keen on the camper trailers. But then again Beau that's probably just cause I'm lazy, and with a caravan you can park and walk straight on into it and Bob's your uncle.

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    probably not that easy, you need to park it (which in most caravan parks can be a real pain in the ass) support it, un hitch it.
    There is more work in un packing a camper trailer tho, but less in supporting and un hitching.. so its much of a muchness really.

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