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Thread: Selling Your Property with Dogs.

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    Default Selling Your Property with Dogs.

    Would like some opinions on my current position.

    I'm looking to have my property put on the market soon, but owning large dogs and selling property doesn't go together. I've been advised, rather told i'm a fool to sell whilst i have dogs here.

    Would i be best to have the home cleaned top to bottom and have the dogs placed in a kennel short term while the home is on the market, or simply have inspections by appointment only, giving me time to tidy up best i can each time ??

    I'm trying to look at it from the point of view of a non dog lover.

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    I had the same problem 5 years ago, so I had open for inspections twice a week, and then inspection by appt. I'd pile all the dogs in the car and take off while it was on - or park down the street and wait until they'd gone!

    Main thing is to make sure that the house is a free of dog hair as possible. Put their beds away etc - I shoved the dog beds under the bed or put them in my wardrobe!

    A good spray of air freshener too helps!

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    Hey Prowler,

    I think the idea of placing them in kenneling etc whilst house is on the market is a bit extreme, to say the least.
    Don't know where you are situated or what is the average turnover for homes in your area, but your property could be on the market for a couple of weeks or a couple of years depending on pirce, market, demand etc etc...

    Inspection by appointment is usually always the done thing anyway. For those potential buyers who expect an inspection immediately (and there are a lot of those idiots) they need to take into consideration the fact that there are dogs. Duh.

    When you know an inspection is imminent, simply pack up the dogs and go for a trip to the local park etc.
    A good thing to do is to ensure the premises are kept as clean as possible at all times, which takes thre stress off you from running around doing a major clean up at the last moment IYKWIM.

    Hey, all the best with the sale of your property.

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