Does anyone else here use an online book cataloging/online personal library type website? The first one I've tried was Shelfari. It's very pretty and polished looking. But then I moved on to LibraryThing. It's not as 'flash' looking as Shelfari, but has much more users and reviewers and also has an "Early Reviewer" program where members can apply to get review copies of books for free for them to read in exchange for a review.

I love seeing other people's online libraries, so figured I'd start a thread for people who catalog their books online and want to share their collections/profile URLs. And for those who don't, how about if you list your five most recommended books for the rest of us to read in 2010?

I'll start:
My online book catalog at LibraryThing is here: lizaveeta | Profile | LibraryThing

And my 5 recommended books to read in 2010 are:

1) The Color of Distance by Amy Thomson (alien first contact novel)
2) Sunshine by Robin McKinley (a vampire novel)
3) Prey by Michael Crichton (a novel about nanotechnology)
4) Prisoner of Tehran by Marina Nemat (an autobiography by a woman who was forced to marry a soldier from the torture prison she was being held in and to convert from Judaism to Islam)
5) How to Spot a Bastard by his Star Sign by Adele Lang (Funny and uncannily accurate!)