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Thread: Perth Thunderstorm at My Place.

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    Default Perth Thunderstorm at My Place.

    Took some footage outside my house of Perth's worst storm.
    Apparently there was $78 million worth of insrurance claims and a damage bill of $100 million. The storm lasted it felt lilke no more than twenty minutes but left such devastation.
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    That's a lot of rain! I was in class at uni when it came over so I missed it. When I drove home there were branches on the road and some parts of the road were flooded. I don't think we got it so bad in Joondalup. I didn't realise how bad it was because my car and house are perfectly fine. I hear of people who've been flooded etc and realise how very lucky I am!!

    How did your place fare Obie?

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    That is a LOT of rain. Yes, How is your place?

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