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Thread: Queenslanders - Are You Okay?

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    Queensland. Australia


    We're in Rockhampton, lots of rain and a bit of wind but no dramas. The river is full from all the rain over the past few weeks so we might get some flooding, but that's going to be a wait and see thing.
    Left all the cats inside yesterday and today, will probably keep them in tomorrow too. Oh boy they are all going stir crazy.

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    Yeah we have some friends of ours when we lived in Airlie Beach who live on a boat. I called them up and they are all fine, but they said there was around 100 boats lost and ruined.

    I really miss Airlie, but I'm glad we weren't there for that.

    Also, my surrendered doggies are in Mackay where apparently it hit too. I hope they are ok!
    Only a twinkle in his daddys eye ♥♡
    (IM)patiently waiting for my long awaited newfie pup ♥♡

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