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Thread: Reality TV Increasing Plastic Surgery!?

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    really well said DA.

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    I have thought..."wouldn't it be nice if I was wrinkle free", "wouldn't it be nice if I could give up cake and biscuits and go back to how I was",

    but I can't change the fact that I grew up by the beach and damaged my skin and I love cakes and biscuits and chocolate. (I do know how to fix that should I so wish but I don't)

    When I was skinny I had no boobs and now that I'm not I do.

    I wouldn't trade my childhood in my little lower north shore seaside suburb for all the tea in China. And when we weren't there we were away at our farm north of Tamworth doing more damage to our skin but having the time of our lives.

    I think those pushing botox and the like into their skin might regret it in another 40 years time. That's OK if you didn't start it until you were in your 60's but I believe young people are doing it which I find weird.

    We all want to change something about ourselves, I think that's perfectly normal. When we become obsessed by it I think it's a bit sad.

    I'm sure glad I'm not a celebrity or whatever the pressure must be insane. I like being a nobody and being accepted just the way I am.

    If having "some work done" will truly help then I'm OK with it. If it would help someone function as a whole then I'm OK with it. Provided that would be the end of it. However with a lot of people what they perceive to be the problem is not it at all.

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