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Thread: Any Twilighters Out There?

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    great post Amy, good on you for teaching manners/respect in school. My mothers been teaching for 15+yrs and has almost had to take personal leave due to the actions/attitudes of some of her students.
    I can believe that! I taught in a small rural school. It was situated about 5 hours west of Brisbane and I had Year 2's and 3's in my class.

    As a beginning teacher I was SHOCKED by the behaviour of some of the children in my class. Some of my children were 8 going on 18! Others thought it was okay to call other children the "C" word!

    I guess being in a small community I expected more from the children as it is generally considered that children in rural schools have less behaviour problems that those in cities. And I still believe this to be true I guess I just didn't realise that children has changed...a lot!!!

    I'm now working in a private school in a city and I don't think I will apply to teach in the state system. I don't want to have to deal with behaviour incidents from 9am to 3pm...I want to TEACH!!! I believe that the behaviour at the private school is FAAAAR better than that at the local state schools!!!

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    Yup, I definately agree that manners seem to be going out the window in some aspects.

    I remember in the middle of last year, when I was walking around town (waiting for mum to pick me up) a 16-18yr old guy on a bike was riding on the pavement and smacked into a very elderly woman's arm, knocking her to her knees. Did this boy stop, help the lady up and tell her how sorry he was? Nope! He looked back once and then just kept going! Speeding off on his bike STILL on the footpath! GRR!
    I ran up to the lady and helped her up, aswel as another man who had been near by. Poor lady, she was almost in tears and asked me sadly "did he stop?" :'( God it made me sad!

    Although, I have MANY male friends (more so then girls) and they are awesome, they'll open doors for me and use their manners, although they have a very 'cool' view. Girls, IME, seem to be more b!tchy at my school and act like total fools when it comes to saying please and thankyou!
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    Lucky Demi.
    I hang around with the wrong people - you know, the ones who always insult everyone (including me), the ones who have no manners. All the guys know how to do well is insult. Theres only one person who I dont hear insults from, and that's my best friend. I've being trying to transition into another group, one who I know wont insult me every chance they get - I'm sick and tired of no one having any manners anymore.

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