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Thread: Ecto, Meso, and Endomorphs

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    Default Ecto, Meso, and Endomorphs

    Please educated me Beau

    How do I tell where I fit into?
    What is best for each type?
    If Im an endo will I be fat forever? lol

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    Haha ha, basically there are 3 body types and metabolisms, true types and a crosses of them.

    Ecto, Meso , and Endo. you can find many sites on the internet that give diatry and exercise advise specific to your type.

    we also have 2 types of muscle fibres in our body that we are born with you can not increase or decrase these amounts of fibres, red and white, ecto's usually have more red muscle fibres than white so excell at endurance activities, more red = more oxygen, meso have a good mix of the two, endo have more white fibres, so good for short powerfull activities.

    Its a huge subject and probably best to look at on specific sites. Heres a diagram and explination

    1. Ectomorphic
    lightly muscled
    • thin
    • fragile
    • flat chest
    • delicate build
    • trouble gaining weight
    • muscle growth takes longer
    • young appearance
    • tall
    • stoop/small shouldered
    • large brain

    underdeveloped muscles
    • soft body
    • flabby
    • round shape
    • gains muscle fairly easy
    • has trouble losing weight
    • overdeveloped digestive system

    hard/muscular body
    • mature appearance
    • gains muscle easily
    • thick skin
    • good posture
    • athletic
    • gains or loses weight easily
    • females are hourglass shaped and males are rectangular shaped

    The ectomorph has a linear physique with small joints, light bones, and slight muscles. Drooping shoulders and limbs relatively long in proportion with lack of muscle mass may make the ectomorph appear taller than one actually is. As a hard gainer the ectomorph has to work had for every bit of strength and muscle that they can acquire. Weight training should be done with fairly heavy weights and longer rest periods between sets. Aerobic type exercises and activities can be kept to a minimum until a desired look and weight are achieved. Eating quality calorie meals more frequently to raise ones daily calorie intake should be implemented.

    Short limbs that taper, comparatively small hands and feet, and a high waist may give the endomorph a stalky appearance. Losing fat and keeping it off tend to be an endomorphs biggest concern. The use of strength training to improve one’s metabolism and muscle to fat ratio should be done. Training at a faster pace with moderate weights and participating in aerobic activities is recommended. Eating smaller more frequent meals and reducing daily calorie intake is also recommended.

    With a naturally fit body and well-defined muscles and large bones the mesomorphs torso tapers to a relatively narrow and low waist. Facial features are acutely defined as the muscles and bones of the head are prominent. Exercise and diet can be used to maintain or improve the mesomorphs physique. Gaining muscle can happen quite easily so if you’re happy with your size simple adjust your training to maintain it. Training with moderate to heavy weights at a moderate pace generally works good for the mesomorph. Stick to a quality nutrition plan and engage and enjoy aerobic activities.
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    Thank you

    If I end up being an endomeso cross I may have some hope...

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    I think I am defo. a Ectomorph. I could eat every McDonald's thing available and I would probably lose a kilo
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    I dont fit in any of them... Im sort of between ecto and endo. Aargh. You're so lucky Demi that youre full on ecto. I wish

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