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    For those of you who live in or know about Tassie, Yes that's you DA among others I'm sure. I've just been reading in the 'natural' thread about the air down there and I am sold. I would love to come and visit for a holiday. Thing is I know absolutely nothing about Tasmania so where are the areas you would recommend for a holiday? Sadly we would not be bringing the dog(s) so it doesn't have to be dog friendly.

    I had a quick look online but just wondered where the nicer places are. Thanks

    Unfortunately this does mean I have to conquer my fear of flying.
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    You could always go over on the boat and do a driving holiday?

    The East Coast is nice - lovely beaches & towns etc (so I'm told - I've actually never been!). NW Coast (where DA lives and I am originally from) is very nice, you could go to Cradle Mountain, Stanley, Boat Harbour... the drive along the whole NW Coast is nice. If you head Launceston way, you could go to the Tamar Valley and go to Beauty Point (a very lovely place - can even recommend somewhere to stay there!), and visit all the wineries in the Tamar region.

    Don't bother with the West Coast either, unless you like insanely crappy roads, bad weather and mining towns.

    I'm not a big fan of Hobart, so I can't really recommend anything down that way!

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    Launceston -- it is a beautiful place & central enough to do day trips. The roads through to Hobart are fantastic

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    TKay, like any place one goes to for a holiday, where you go really depends on what you are into; whether you have kids with you that need to go to places that are fun and entertaining; and so forth.

    Down Hobart way there are not a lot of thing that interest me, TBH, but there are a heck of a lot of things in Hobart for children to see and do.

    East Coast scenery-wise is just one of the most stunning places I've seen. Can seriously compare with the rest of the world for beauty - but not an awful lot for kids to do, other than wild-life parks and such. In my experience kids can only go to so many zoos/parks before they get sick of it. Lol.

    The North West Coast covers a lot of different things to do. As C&B said, cradle mountain is just a MUST-see! Sheffield/Roland Mountain area is actually fun to visit, go for buggy rides through the town, a lot to do there actually. The nut at Stanley is fun, Smithton bores me to ruddy tears, Sisters Beach, Boat Harbour are beautiful for peace and tranquility, but maybe boring for kids unless they love the behes and swimming/bush walking etc. Table Cape is stunning.

    The West Coast is NOT for kids IMO. But for adults, if you've got the dough there's a heck of a lot of exciting stuff to do. The Heritage Wilderness Train Ride is actually awesome, and they offer plane trips to Sarah Island which are really interesting.

    Port Arthur is well worth a visit IMO, along with driving around that area up to Eagleneck etc.

    So, to cap it off, it depends on your interests and kids etc???

    To comment on the air quality TKay. My husband and I first came here for two visits, to check the place out, then to purchase a house. When my kids and mother came down on the final plane flight, getting off the plane at the airport was honestly mind-blowing for them. My mother had not smelt air like that for many decades.

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