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Thread: Running a Raffle for Charity?

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    I've wanted to run a raffle at 1 Fit Mutt for a while, but I'm having some trouble finding out all of the legal aspects of this. I heard that I need some sort of a permit to legally run a raffle in WA, but I've also read that this only applies if my prizes or takings are over $10,000, which they wouldn't be.

    Basically the raffle would be entered online via 1 Fit Mutt and all proceeds would be going to the Swan River Animal Haven, which is a no-kill refuge for dogs in Western Australia, or another non-profit dog related cause in WA (I'll research more rescues etc, right now I just have my eyes on SRAH specifically). The winner of the raffle would get some dog-related literature. I'm also hoping to maybe be able to find a couple of sponsors to donate some more prizes, but not counting on this just yet and the prizes would definitely not be worth $10,000. I was hoping to be able to run a raffle every few months, each time sponsoring a different dog-related cause somewhere in Australia.

    With the number of members we have here who are involved in rescue etc, I was hoping maybe some of you guys would have had some experience in running raffles for charity and can fill me in on some of the legal stuff? I've tried contacting the Department of Gaming several times both over email and over the phone, but nobody ever gets back to me! I've also looked online and haven't been able to find any solid information. I found something saying that charity raffles don't need a special license, but something on the same page contradicted that statement so I'm just a little lost.

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    Various clubs I've belonged to have run raffles.

    Permit wise - I'm surprised the gaming people haven't gotten back to you - that's rude. Maybe your local MP would be a better place to start - eg I've tried and nothing happend. Or if you could phone at about 9.05am on Monday morning - before they've had time to nick off to meetings or leave early to go home - you might get further. Timing is everything. So is persistance. But they seem under resourced if they're not getting back to you.

    Anyway - I'm sure our permit requirement cut in at a lot less than 10K but I've got no idea with WA. And I think we had a ticket limit too - ie if you sold more than 500 tickets you needed a permit maybe.

    Do you get enough hits your website to sell tickets? Do you have other ways of selling tickets? What will you do if you don't sell many tickets? Draw the raffle anyway?

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    My understaning is that this falls under state based law, so I can't give you any advise, but DO make sure you follow the legalities of WA cause if you don't and you get busted, I believe the consequences are hefty!
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    Thanks guys!

    Hyacinth, I won't just dive head first into a raffle and will do some research and planning first as to how it's best to carry it out and what numbers I should expect. In addition to promoting the raffle online I will likely spread the word around local businesses and find a way to encourage promoting the raffle through social media (for example I might make a system where anyone who buys a ticket can get an extra ticket free by tweeting about the raffle or linking to it on their blog). I also have a lot of local WA followers on Twitter myself to spread the word to

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