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Thread: Genetic Tracking, DNA and BSL for Humans and Canines

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    Lightbulb Genetic Tracking, DNA and BSL for Humans and Canines

    Genes human and dog - I thought I'd stick it all in one post to consolodate.

    The thing that would help DA educate her son's teacher from the dark ages

    Science show 6th Feb 2010
    Dr Spencer Wells of the Genographic project - tracking genes geographically...
    Genes show human history - Science Show - 6 February 2010
    Dr Spencer Well's page at National Geographic
    National Geographic Genographic project

    The above is a really interesting story about a giant genetic survey and what they've found. Also tracks families and ancestry not races. This would be the guy to ask about Tasmanian Aborigines or invite Tassie Aborignies to send off their cheek swabs to find out their genetic migration history. I hope this info is always used for good not evil.

    Doggy stuff - just to collect it in one place for later reference...
    JTDNTB gave us an Adelaide DNA testing place link (though I think they'd send it off elsewhere rather than do in house).

    Breed identification | Adelaide Animal Hospital

    The "significant chihuahua" thread - about DNA test results on various dogs that look like pitbulls but are not.
    this is a link to the picture with the dogs on it...
    dogs that look like pit bulls pdf (can be slow to download)
    note the ncrc - seems to be very pro pit bull.

    This is a link to the thread that Beau started
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    The thread that I stated was tounge in cheek, I like Karen delise and her orginisation I have had a few conversations with her via email a long time go. But I dont believe her to support DNA as away of showing up BSL. I believe it was submitted to her site by another person, as DNA being unable to determin breed at this point in time.
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    Hi Beau

    I think the DNA probably does a very good job at determining breed/family ancestry. I think it is the BSL that fails. Ie it would be quite "easy" to produce a dog that looks like a particular breed but has no original relationship to it. I think a DNA test ought to be valid evidence for rebuttal in a law court. Same as it is accepted as an aid to (finding and) convicting bad guys.

    Miniture Pinschers and Manchester Terriers look very similar, but have completely different ancestry (I think) and completely different attitudes to life. So to an uneducated person (eg a dog ranger), one might easily be mistaken for the other.

    Also just to complicate things further, I think it quite likely that breeders (through history) might outcross with other breeds (deliberate or accidental), and put a particular doggy father on the papers that might not actually be the biological father. And given that DNA testing is fairly recent, as long as the puppy looked right - nobody would know or be able to prove anything different. The fact that one litter of puppies can have multiple fathers only makes the possibility of this happening more likely.

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