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Thread: Does Anyone Question What Their Children Learn at School?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anne View Post
    Tkay - being "stricter" has little relevance on education outcomes though. A tyrant can teach and the children be model citizens, but it doesn't mean that their learning is any more advanced.... they're just better behaved.

    Simply put, you can not base anything on the results on the website.

    Other reasons why they may have scored low - perhaps they had a cohort of 60 students, but only 5 took the test and the 5 that completed the test were all below average IQ.

    I can understand what you were trying to show Pugger, but it isn't that simple and to judge any school on the website stats is inaccurate.

    For all I know though, this Steiner school may be really bad and not achieving what they should be. I am not saying they are good or bad however, just that the website can not be used as an accurate reflection of the quality of the education they receive.

    Next year will show a dramatically different outcome for many, many schools I'll bet, as schools go into "lets get great results" mode and spend months leading up to the tests revising work specifically to enable them to achieve high scores. We will now see 'test focussed' schools and it still won't give an indication of the school being good, bad or indifferent.
    I think 'stricter' was not meant quite like you think Anne, when Pugger said it. I believe she meant 'stricter' in the sense of stricter in what they learn not how they learn, as in teaching more traditional stuff, and not letting the kids do what they want (not that I know they do this in the younger years ).

    With regard to the results, if you read what I said, I never said judge a school purely on results. I did infact say they can be misleading

    I agree that the results shown can be misleading and do certainly not show the full picture
    If you do some research on Steiner schools, the results for the Noosa Pengari Steiner School make alot of sense. I believe the results are as they are, for the most part, because they do not formalise education until later than mainstream education. If you are interested in reading further here is a link to the Noosa Steiner school FAQ, interesting reading

    Noosa Pengari Steiner School - FAQ

    Especially Point 2. Quick quote:

    "Academics are de-emphasized in the early years of schooling"

    I wish I had known about Steiner when my eldest son (now 17) was struggling through school. The ability was there but he just found school so frustrating and boring and eventually left in Year 11 when the stress had made him physically ill. Too much emphasis on reaching certain 'levels' and, as you said, learning to 'pass tests' rather than learning because it is enjoyable. I think this scenario may be much less likely to happen in a Steiner school as the parents who chose to send there kids there are looking for a more 'educating the mind and soul' type of approach, not so much hitting targets, especially in the early years. IYKWIM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anne View Post
    Wow, interesting info in that link. I doubt it would be a school that I would send my kids to.

    Does anyone know off hand what the fees per year are to attend this type of school?
    Newcastle Steiner is $600 per term (4 terms)

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    Learning and Literacy and Numeracy
    The Steiner curriculum unfolds to meet the child’s developmental stages.
    Lesson content cannot be arbitrarily placed within a class context. Teaching
    matches the “optimum time” ' ie when the child is developmentally ready, in
    both intellect and inner life, to take the next step in learning. This approach
    provides fulfilment for the child, and engenders confidence. It is truly
    Our curriculum is carefully structured in the way it introduces and develops
    Literacy and Numeracy. We do not call upon analytical skills until there is an
    appropriate ripeness in the older classes. Both Literacy and Numeracy in the
    early years are grounded in reality, rich language experiences and visual
    imagery. Abstract concepts are avoided in these early stages.
    Ghilgai School does not formally test the children before Class 6 because we
    are striving to build confidence and joy in the learning experience itself.

    Overt testing situations imposed in the primary years negate this striving and
    weaken the confidence of many children ' not necessarily via “failure”, often
    just by the comparisons that the child inevitably makes of him/herself with
    Overt testing moves the child’s focus away from personal growth and personal
    “best” and promotes a subtle competitive element within the individual.
    The bold bit is the main reason I chose this school.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anne View Post
    With the new Federal Government approach to schools and the intro of the My School website, they now have no choice but to test as far as I am aware.... looks like their whole philosophy has just come crashing down around their ears. No test - no funding.
    They still get funding, in fact they even got funding for a Special Aide for my 12 year old much faster and easier than when we tried for 4 years in the State school.

    They are on the My school site but it just doesn't show any data
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anne View Post
    The fees aren't too bad. Personally, I'd rather send my children to a public school and spend that $600 per term on holiday experiences, music or sport lessons or even a private tutor.
    They go on camps and they are HUGE into music. They also have sport (non competitive) and swimming lessons are included as is Karate (obviously not combat, more just the Chi side of it).

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    Nothing has changed yet thank goodness. I'll be homeschooling if it does.

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