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Thread: How Are All Your Dog's Handling the Heat?

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    DA, with air con, a human sized pool, his own little pool and a beach at the back of our house, I think Ferrero would be fine. Heck, he is only a twinkle in his daddys eye and I am already making arrangements lol.

    My boyfriend said that he has seen 2 newfies up here. One in Trinity Beach where we live, and another in Kewarra Beach (around the corner). Both newfies were black. I know that he knows what a newfie looks like, but I'm still a little iffy as to if they were actually newfs or just hairy labs lol.

    Either way, there are many malamutes, huskies etc up here so I guess there are ways to beat the heat? And if it means that my little man will be comfortable, I will do it!
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    Only a twinkle in his daddys eye ♥♡
    (IM)patiently waiting for my long awaited newfie pup ♥♡

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    Thanks for your post, Ferrero. Wsa concerned when i saw how the heat here was affecting Inca the past few days.

    But then again I don't run air-conditioning as such, so I guess that would make a HUGE difference.

    Hmmm, human pool, doggy pool, what's the address? I'll book my plane flight now!

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