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Thread: Sent Son to School - Woops, There Was No School Today!

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    Quote Originally Posted by puggerup View Post
    Oh dang!!!

    Well 11 days ago I was having a nice sleep in and the phone rings and it's my daughters teacher..

    school started today

    I had them all dressed and out the door in 10 minutes
    I was a day late with my youngest this year and last year. Pity their school didn't call me.
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    My kids go to a Steiner school and the teacher notices when there's a child missing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devil's Advocate View Post
    Eledest son toddled off down the front to the bus this morning. All exxcited, all ready for the start of a new year. Then youngest son goes 20 minutes later.

    I was feeling good!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Eldest son arrived home on the return bus 15 minutes ago, only to inform me it is a student free day at his high school and students start tomorrow. Bugger!
    aww DA.. your not alone when it comes to getting school dates etc mixed up..

    I sent daughter no2 off to school on the bus 1 day when she was in yr1, only to get a call from school office to say that it was PUPIL FEE DAY....

    ohh bugga what a "blonde day" i was having then

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    No kids to send off to school, but yesterday I was convinced it was Friday, and I still think today is Saturday!

    ooh, maybe I really AM blonde!

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    I sent my son to school on Tuesday for the first day of term 3... Found out the next day that Monday was the first day !!  14

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    Aw guys, I feel sooo much better - I'm not alone. Son took it well, even though all the college kids were having a field day laughing at him!

    heck, and i'm not even blonde!!!

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