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    Default Remember ALL Your Dogs

    I can remember every one of my dogs that I have had from my first to my last.

    Goldie & Pancho - labradors. Goldie was the first dog I remember as a small child with Pancho coming along some time later. Goldie was my best friend.

    Bobby - shih tzu. Great little playmate.

    Saph and Chief - German Shepherds. Very playful dogs, Chief was a big, gentle giant.

    Squeak - another German Shepherd but we only had her a little while. At 4 months old she escaped our yard went for a child walking on the street. My mum surrended her to the RSPCA. I really hope they found a good home for her.

    Bimbo - jack russell. Brilliant and most intelligent little dog. I am sure he understood every word we spoke to him. Sooo much energy, he'd go ALL day chasing anything that we threw for him. Caught rats and mice and tried to protect my sister (who was 4 at the time) from a pair of cattle dogs who ran towards her barking. Bimbo ran in between her and the dogs and even pulled one down to the ground. Of course my parents intervened and stopped any further issues. We had no fences around our yard so wandering dogs and even Bimbo running off after dogs was always an issue until mum & Dad finally got the yard completely fenced in.

    Then I left home and was dogless for many years until Tigga - German Shepherd joined my family in 2001. He died 3 weeks after his 10th birthday, just last month.

    Asher - blended, large dog, coming tomorrow. Will add a little profile of him when I've met him.
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    <a href= target=_blank></a>RIP Tigga

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    My first dog was Beau-Dee a dachshund. Born before me, often chomped on the annoying little girl in his life. lol Died of old age when I was about 10

    Second was Penny another dachshund, who was my heart dog until recently...she died (diabeties) when I was in high school (about 15) and it absolutely shattered me.

    Then, as a newly wed (first time around) Bandit the most docile and sweet German Shepherd, (a rescue about 5-6 yrs when he came to live with us) again old age when my kids were in infants school.

    Another rescue, this time a Dalmation named ZZ who was about 4 when she came to us. Hit and killed by a garbage truck early one morning when my then police officer husband arrived home from nightwork and she escaped. He thought she would return of her own accord, but it was garbage day and ZZ was always on the food prowl - again shattered. ZZ was 6 when she premeturely died

    Left the husband shortly thereafter and returned to work full time and found cats were a better choice of pet for the kids and I given we were away from home for 8 hours per day.

    No more dogs until 2001 when 2nd husband and I were walking through Prahan one Sat afternoon and spotted Charlie Brown (SWF) alone and frightened in a pet shop window and I did the UNBELIEVABLE....walked in and purchased him. He is currently asleep on the floor beside my bed. (Cranky old toad that he is)!!!!

    Then came Chloe another SWF who was no longer "required" by a friend (ex- friend now obviously). Chlo was 5 when she came to live with us and died of heart problems complicated by cancer on 8/8/08 - OH's 40th birthday. Chole was 12 when she died

    Meanwhile, Bella was a birthday present for my son in 2006. Son left home, grandparents adopted Miss Bella - one of the two heart dogs I am so blessed to still have in my life

    It was after Chloe died that my life became complicated........I met Noah in 09/08, fell madly in love with the blind git and my contribution to SHAR PEI Rescue evolved from there. Noah is my beasty boy heart dog.

    During 2009 and in amongst the subsequent 50 odd rescues we have had through our doors since Noah, Music appeared, stayed and became Henry, heart dog to OH. Dear dear Henry, it will soon be a month since you left us, we love you, we miss you and you will remain in our hearts and lives forever. xxxx Henry would have turned 3 next month

    Bloody tears, they get you when you least expect it!!!
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