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Thread: Dol?!

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    Well .. isn't that an interesting post by you Anne ......

    Quoting you ... This is what happens on DOL. Mess up, and you're out or banned. I have had so many warnings over there I constantly have my warning metre lit up!"

    FYI Anne ..... I've never had one warning on DOL for any post I've made. My "Tasty Treats" thread, whilst moved from "General" to "Commercial" at the behest of the moderator, continues to be active .... & indeed members posted again just this morning ... to which I have replied.

    By my own admission .... I was ignorant & ill informed of the rules in relation to conducting a "business" when I joined DOL. Having said that ... when I joined DOL, the treats were hardly what I would call "a business" at all. How was I to know someone external to DOL .... would like them, buy them, be a member & start a thread on DOL ?

    Not knowing "The rules" of starting a thread on DOL, I just let things "run", happy that people were just loving the treats & giving them a good rap. What would you have me do Anne ?? With the first positive post of my treats I should ... "Alert the media" ..... "We need to close this thread down just in case Lynn might make money out of it ??"

    Show me the "bench mark" between ... "These treats are great & I want to tell everyone about them " and "Sh!t !! She's making money. We have to stop her" and I'll gladly comply with "the rules" Anne.

    I've admitted my blissful & somewhat naive ignorance & I've suffered the consequence of that apparent ignorance by someone who's had an "axe to grind" with me & clearly knew "the rules" of DOL better than me .. and applied those rules to their emotional & revengeful advantage to effect my financial disadvantage.

    And just to reiterate ... I checked the "protocol" with Morgan regarding myself & my treats before I even made that first post on this forum.

    Anne .... I hope you think about supporting the businesses that are presented on this forum rather than just thinking about "the rules" when they ... start a thread, offer a web link to another site, reply to a topic with a link under their signature, sponsor a competition, blantantly advertise their business, ask for help in starting a business or any number of ways that they "stumble" on to this forum, get going or ask for help ....

    Most of the "businesses" discussed on this forum are "fledgling" and should be supported 100% to get up & running .... I say "Bugger the rules". In the last week or so, there has been some great discussion about "business stuff" that I've contributed to & learned heaps from.

    I'm happily adding web links to my site for members of this forum as they give me their details. If it helps them get business ... damn, fine excellent is what I think.

    Oh ... & about them making money off my site without me getting a "cut" ... it's just fine by me.

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    I was warned the other week for calling someone a moron after she accused me of getting my dogs to perform sexual acts on me... and said I was in to beastiality.

    I'm surprised I was reported and people actually noticed the word moron with all the other crap that was being said.

    So weird that I would get the warning.

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    ah yeh but Tony doesn't have to warn everyone who gets reported.
    I am sure he would have said more than just "moron" if he was accused of molesting his dogs.

    I was actually more insulted at the warning... has he no concept of provocation?

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    Oops.. haha Troy it is.

    I won't bother with explaining.. he should have worked it out on his own.

    Besides.. it's a warning, not a banination

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anne View Post
    Wow, I think you need to chill out and relax a little GSDs4ever. Still not sure about what it is over though exactly. A bit sensitive aren't we?
    Really Anne ... chill out indeed. Not sure what the "cerfuffle' is over .... A bit sensitive am I ?

    And BTW ... you're sooo not helping the current situation by saying "To be honest GSD, I don't care what you do." ...

    I think you should give just a little more thought to what you actually post before you start lecturing me on how I should conduct my life.

    Yes. I didn't "read all the rules" when I signed up for DOL. Sh!t happens Mate. We all make mistakes. My ignorance cost me. I'm constantly learning from my mistakes.

    I wonder what your ignorance will cost you .... only time will tell I suppose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anne View Post
    Gsd's, I am not lecturing you on how you live your life.

    I stated the obvious - ignorance is not excuse. Why, because YOU broke the rules, should you have the right diss the admin??

    You said:
    I beg to differ .... BIG TIME. (with three angry faces) and you highlighted the comment made by Terrorbull stating that she found the adming great.

    You then when on to say that you admitted to breaking the rules you didn't know about. I simply made the statement that you can't blame the admin if you broke the rules. You complained that others were not given similar warnings (given that the warnings are not made public, you don't know) and you also complained that your thread was moved to an obscure spot (in other words, you were looking for free advertising otherwise the 'obscurity' wouldn't worry you).

    Yes, we all make mistakes, and I have OPENLY admitted to being given numerous warnings on DOL, but I cop it on the chin, without having complaining elsewhere about it.

    Quite simply, I think you are in a huff over nothing.

    You often make comments about how stressed you already are and so to avoid further stress you are disengaging from threads or whatever. If forums are too stressful and you don't want to hear another's opinions, maybe you shouldn't participate.

    I genuinely do not wish to cause you upset but you are seriously over reacting.
    Erm ... yes ... you are so "lecturing" me ....

    Just look at what you've just written Anne ...
    "I stated the obvious - ignorance is not excuse. Why, because YOU broke the rules, should you have the right diss the admin??"

    You're a bully Anne ... I won't tolerate any more of your behaviour if you continue this line of discussion.

    If you choose to be respectful, I'm happy to chat further. Please be respectful of members who might be reading your posts.

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