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Thread: Applying for a New Job.. Second Time Around

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    Default Applying for a New Job.. Second Time Around

    Hi all!

    Just after some advice.

    I applied for a job a few months ago and didnt get it. I was in the top 3 people.

    The same job has just been advertised in the paper and I want to apply again, do i need to say anything on my cover letter to state that i have already applied for the job?

    Im not reallysure what to put on it!


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    Nope, they were pretty slack with it all last time round

    After being out of working with dogs and cats for so long, I am actually not totally sure if i even want to go back into the industry. It is a nice chance for me doing retail and i just love where i am right now.

    The money at this job is great - Almost $30 an hour, good hours and this one is NO weekend work (last time they advertised this job it was every weekend)

    I think i will go for it, see how I go, I can always change my mind at the end of it - Right now permanent full time work is exactly what I need - I just wasnt sure what to put on the cover letter!
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    I wouldn't tell them you applied previously either or they may just pass you over again. I also would be asking myself why I had not done well in the interview and or my credentials to try and improve.

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    I emailed asking why i didnt get the job, they told me i had everything they needed, just that when it came to the trial, the clicked with the other person better than me. (how to make someone feel better!!)

    Im off to work, will do my cover letter and send it in tomorrow thanks
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    It's weird - if you were top three and the person they originally selected turned them down - then if I was them, I'd just go back to the list I had before and pick the next one down. It costs thousands of dollars to run interivews and select candidates, and even more if they use a recruitment agency (head hunters).

    Any chance you could phone them up first. Perhaps there is no point you applying again. Ask to talk to someone who was on the previous panel - the one you felt most rapport with and see what they think about you re-applying. You can still put an application in if they say don't bother but you will have a realistic idea of your chances.

    In the cover letter - try to be specific about how hiring you could benefit them. If there was anything after the interview last time that you thought - I should have told them that, see if you can find a way to put that in the cover letter.

    It seems odd that they're not being very efficient with their use of resources, if they thought you were suitable. Jobs are often re-advertised if they felt they didn't get anyone that they thought would be a good fit in their organisation - so if that's the case with this one you need to overcome that - again talking to someone from the original panel might help.

    If they're just wasting money - do you really want to work there?

    If it doesn't work out - consider investing in a book called "what color is my parachute" by Richard Bolles. Also check out his website - - the classifieds on the web or in the newspaper is the last resort of most employers. They always prefer to get someone word of mouth first. Even Govt jobs that must be advertised - if they've already got someone willing in mind - you will never get the job.

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    Thats just it, i am not sure I want to work there - They messed me around for months last time - the difference this time is I already have 2 jobs and don't have to sit around waiting like I did last time.

    I would have also thought that the first thing they would have done was go over the last lot of CVs, seems they have a very weird way of working!

    I emailed the lady I was talking to last time, and got a reply tonight (I asked was it exactly the same job as last time and I am interested in applying again) she just replied saying that yes, it is the same, and if i want to apply, email my CV through.

    I just dont know! LOL - i am happy doing what I am doing, but it is casual work and I really want full time

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