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    I too hold this opinion. While well
    Please excuse the capitals here, but I need to make this point: I WANT TO UNDERSTAND FROM THEIR POINT OF VIEW! That is why I have asked you to explain! The indigenous people I know DON'T CARE! They are happy with their lives, happy with the way things are and wouldn't change a thing. They don't blame us for what happened in the past, they don't even blame the government, they DO blame the fact that everyone was UNEDUCATED.
    Ok back to answer this I had typed it out and the thread was closed and I don't want it going to waist

    Firstly, if you haven't seen Rabbit proof fence, I urge you to. The movie shows a pretty clear picture into the politics.
    The problems Indigenous people face today are still because of the culture which was taken from them. It wasn't just the stolen generation.. as in children taken from their families, it was the way they were forced to speak English (it was against the law to speak in their own language) and dumped into missions and reserves altogether, so they had even more difficulty communicating with each other (there is a different language for the different mobs, depending on where they come from) so their individuality was lost. When the government decided you couldn't kill off Aboriginal people or hide them in missons, they decided to assimilate them into White culture. So they began taking the half cast kids away to be "brought up" by white Christian people but they were used like slaves, cleaning houses and babysitting for 20 cents a week, they only got skills to work for minimum wages. These lack of skills were all that could be past down for their future generations. In 1967 when the referendum happened and Aboriginal people were seen as citizens of Australia and were able to vote and fight for fair treatment and real wages etc they were put in the position where the only way Aboriginal people could get an education and a decent job, was to go to mostly white schools. Imagine sitting in a school amongst all white kids who had been brainwashed and had it ingrained into them from their parents and teachers, that black people were lower class.
    Most couldn't wait to leave, so of course, they didn't bother going to school, never got their educations, stayed with their families and got bored, drunk, and run a muck.
    As Occy mentioned, the nutrition suffered as they had all of this food brought in that they weren't used to or weren't educated on, and ate the wrong stuff and became sick.. got diabetes etc (lets not forget the diseases brought in 220 years ago also). Being rural, it's not as easy as going up the road to the hospital and getting proper treatment, and education on nutrition.
    A lot of kids were looking after their Aunts and Uncles (another reason they didn't go to school). How degrading for Elders to not have the means any longer to teach their kids, and to have them sick, alcoholics being looked after by their kids who would grow up to be in the same position as them.

    There's so much more... I could go on and on about what they have and are going through. the education system is failing them. They don't have proper health care. They are bored, degraded, angry and stuck in a rut.
    It's only very recently (40 years ago) that they were even classed as HUMAN. Seriously.. they were classed as fauna for over 100 years they couldn't just waltzed into white society in 1967 and have Non-Aboriginals forget all they had been taught to believe their whole lives.
    Aboriginal people stick together because that's where they feel accepted. They survived perfectly fine for 40,000 years without pretty houses and clothes and churches.

    Imagine if we were invaded by the Taliban and forced to wear Burkas and as women having to be oppressed by men like under Islamic laws? We aren't used to that culture.. we have freedom of speech, we wear what we want, we watch TV, have jobs, go to school.. it's our culture.
    Do you think if we had to change to Islamic laws, in 200 years time we will have gotten over it and be living happily and peacefully and celebrating Auslamic day on the day of our invasion?

    Not a chance.
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    Thank you very much for taking the time to explain that for me. I really do appreciate it. I can see why they would have so many problems, I know I would have major issues if my culture was taken away from me.

    I have seen the Rabbit Proof Fence and it makes me cry every single time I watch it, each time I cry harder for the the girls who were lost.

    Actually now that I think about it, I have had it explained to me sort of. It was in a book though. If you haven't read Jessica by Bryce Courtney then you really should, it's a beautiful story and makes me bawl every time too, but it's worth the tears IMO.

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    you're welcome

    I haven't read Jessica, I'll have to look it up

    I agree with Rabbit proof fence.. thinking about it beings me to tears also.

    I really enjoyed Bran Nue Dae today I recommend it. It has a very strong message also.

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    It is very unfortunate what has happened to the Aboriginal people. There was a lot of ignorance by the government and settlers etc of the day. It has now been shown that Aboriginal people shouldn't eat exactly as white people eat as it is one of the causes of diabetes, heart disease etc. There has been some very good work to reunite aboriginal people with their culture in Dalby QLD. The elders there do an excellent job and have set up doctors surgery, cultural centre, housing coop, buses to get people to major centres for treatment etc. The same cannot be said in Rockhampton in QLD, there are so many Aborigines chroming, drunk and very abusive. I saw a while back that they asked the elders from Dalby to go there to help.
    One of the major problems in rural areas is that of half-caste males. They do not know where they belong and the suicide rate is extremely high.
    Money thrown at the Aboriginal people is not the way to go either. It has been done before and has not helped. Education is the most important thing. Education for the aboriginal people and education for white folks so they can understand the aboriginals plight!

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    IF you want to know how life is some some Indigenous people watch Samson and Delilah - the imagery used is very telling

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    I watched that movie about a month ago on telly, it was a wonderful movie, beautifully filmed, but so so sad.....

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    Anne, I'm surprised you bothered to explain that info at all. The comments made weren't even worth it IMO.

    I've watched Rabbit proof fence. Good movie. I've also watched the documentary and was amazed at the female actor who was the girl from hell! Jeez, she would make a sailor blush!!!

    Jessica was/is a great movie.

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    No worries Anne

    I also wanted to add that Mal sent me a PM apologising for offending me in that thread, which I have accepted.. I was offended and got my back up and bit back.. it went in a vicious circle as it does when threads get heated.
    In the end valuable lessons were learned (or is it learnt?) which is the main thing

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    Did you apologise to Mal too Pugger?

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    I did

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