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Thread: Where Are Choppa and Mags?

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    Now that was a lovely post GSD's.

    Good night, sleep tight.

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    I'll just say this ... have an opinion for sure, but please be kind to one another when you're posting.

    If you're getting a little "heated" by what's been posted ... take a breath ... possibly take a step back to reconsider a "barb" you're about to possibly post in response to a topic you feel passionately about ... refrain from saying something that in your heart you know will hurt another individual who will be reading your posts ... strive to lift people up with your comments, to give them confidence, not drag them down & ultimately make them leave the forum or indeed self harm to the point of suicide which has been commented on.

    With every post you make that involves another forum member, please be kind to one another. I understand that in some circumstances your patience will be tested to the max. A little respect costs you nothing as an individual in the moment when passion grips you & you feel you are compelled to post your "5 cent's worth" ... or whatever is the current exchange rate ... but it pays HUGE dividends further down the road of life.

    And that's my thoughts on the matter ....

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    Wise words GSDs love to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by puggerup View Post
    Wise words GSDs love to you.
    Ta Pugs ... you're no "dumb bunny", so I know what I wrote actually means something

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    Aw you guys are all mooshy... LOL

    Its nice to see people talking without fighting...
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