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Thread: The Weather Thread

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    I also unplug everything except the fridge, even the phone line, I do have surge protectors but I know they won't work if I get a direct hit, which I do far too often - I have seen lightning jump from one of the lights in the kitchen to the phone - which then fries and hey ho I need another phone. However I found that the surge protector on my phone worked when the exchange took a hit, it fried the surge protector but not the phone thank goodness. (You plug the mains AND the phone line into it) Now I don't even chance it, everything is unplugged as a matter of course.

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    only storms on top end of aus now for Monday
    Jan 4
    Sunny 11°C 23°C ps it my 16 birthday tomorrow im happy can not wait

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    After a week of rain, we have sun. WooHoo. Presently it's 24 degrees with 75% humidity.
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