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Thread: What Did You Get for X Mas

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    Quote Originally Posted by puggerup View Post
    My my..someone was spoiled this year LOL

    I sure was!

    I must admit though that overall, it was a nice Xmas this year. I always feel apprehensive in the lead up for many reasons, but this year, even though I was worried, it all turned out much better than expected and it was lovely catching up with everyone.
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    An optimist sees the glass as half full;
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    I got:

    3 Charms for my pandora
    Boxed set of hard cover Twilight books
    New Bryce Courtenay book
    Board Shorts
    Lush Gift Box
    Body shop gift box
    GSD coffee mug
    another Body shop pack
    2 singstar games
    2 DS games
    2 bottles of perfume
    Dutch pancake maker
    New pair of Haviana's
    Pink's Funhouse DVD
    A couple of movie DVD's
    A docking station thing for my IPOD

    I was spoilt!
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