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Thread: Grrr I Hate It when I Have No Power!

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    Unhappy Grrr I Hate It when I Have No Power!

    Surprise surprise, a storm comes over and as usual the power goes off! At least it was dusk, but still damn hot, out came the lanterns (got sick of watching moths commit hari kari into candles) and me and dogs have sat here most of the night just looking at each other. I knew the "look" they were giving me "turn on the air conditioning!"

    Of course as usual I hadn't prepared even though I had an idea I might lose power, so I had to go out in torrential rain to the tank to get fresh water supplies for them, I hadn't had any dinner so ended up with a liverwurst sandwich (accompanied by a nice shandy ), back out into the rain to get a bucket of water so I could flush the loo, looked like something the dogs dragged in each time I came back inside.

    All the time checking on the storm phobic dogs that I've locked in my bedroom to make sure they aren't trying to take a flying leap through the window. Power comes back on, find that my bedroom window fly screens are in tatters once again - least they couldn't open the windows!

    So here I am posting madly at nearly 1am!

    Fingers crossed the lightning didn't start any fires up here like it did a month ago.

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    know it. dislike it intensely! i just grab candles, a booklight, and a book and settle in. after one very long power outage one time, i have a stock of batteries, a few book lights, torches, candles, etc. luckily that one was in winter, i think i'd be in a cold bath in summer time. fingers crossed on no fires too. i think that scares me more than most else.

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