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Thread: I Hate

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    Dashing through the park
    With our noses to the ground
    Walking on our ears
    Pretending to be hounds
    Not using our eyes
    We navigate by smell
    If its over an inch high
    Then, it’s got a tale to tell

    Oh, Doggie smells
    Doggie smells
    Outside of our home
    Oh we love those doggie smells
    When on the leash we roam

    Doggie smells
    Doggie smells
    Marking every tree
    All our other doggie friends
    Have stopped right here to pee!

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    that's priceless Beau! I'm going to learn that so I can inflict my singing on the bf's family!

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    You can always just think to what a mad house it will be in January with Klute and Mampi in residence! Enjoy your peace while it lasts.
    A pessimist sees the glass as half empty;
    An optimist sees the glass as half full;
    A realist just finishes the damn thing and refills it.

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