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    Hi all

    Some of you may have noticed that there is a chatbox for instant messaging at the bottom of this page, or you can click on "chatbox full" at the top and get a big window of chat messages.

    Note, anything you post in there stays for ages, so don't think the conversation is the least bit private.

    So I figure we could use this thread for posting "appointments" or "meetings" where one or more of us posts in here, and then opens the chatbox window and stays there for 10 minutes or some agreed time - to see if anyone else turns up for a chat.

    Otherwise it's about as useful as the main forum.

    I'm not perfect, I'll keep the window open but check every minute or so... cos it isn't obvious like other chat instant messaging when someone shows up.

    PS - check the time and date at the top left of the post to see what time someone's vigil started.

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    Yep I have done the same, checked in, but after a while leave. It is new, so it may take a while for members to remember it is there, but its a great idea.

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