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Thread: URGENT HELP NOW! Di, Occy, Bird People

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    Hi DA

    Have you sat outside and watched to see why they fly close to your house? Are they trying to escape another bird in pursuit? Are they looking for food and water? Birds often bath in my gutters after rain (oops).

    If they're looking for food and water, put some down the back, far away from your doors and windows. If they're looking for escape you need some bushes or shrubs near the house that they can escape into. Depending what size bird - a small dense native prickle bush might help. Blue wrens particularily need these. But also new holland honey eaters, thornbills etc. And probably sparrows. But I'd be tempted to do something else for sparrows. Sparrows are very ingenious when it comes to sneaking food from strange places. I've seen them negotiate double doors at the botanic gardens cafe in Wellington. They fly right in with tourists walking through and you'd need a tennis racquet to stop them. Those flapping plastic ribbon doors they have on some fish and chip shops might slow them down though.

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    Colourful bead curtains in the doorway may help, too.

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    Ok, I think I'll go with the bead curtains, or the fly curtains or something like that.

    When Zed was here, I thought that might stop them coming right up to the house and deck, but no. If anything they were worse as they could probably smell around the area where he would have his meals.

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