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Thread: Horse Jokes

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    hay have any of you have had a mock interview at your school

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    Quote Originally Posted by puggerup View Post
    anyway I am sure you will do ok as long as you don't tell the penis joke LOL

    and yeh, maybe remove it.. did laugh, not at the song, but at the fact you posted it as a horse joke.
    lol great minds think alike pugger!

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    ok removing it now i have one tommarro im n i just what tooff any idears

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    My Wife...
    My wife she has a quarter horse, with flaxen mane and tail
    She thinks he is the finest thing that ever jogged a rail

    She calls him Dandy Darling, and if the truth I tell,
    That fancy pampered quarter horse has made my life pure hell.

    My wife she used to cook for ME and serve it with champagne
    Now she'd rather feed that horse and fix his special grain.

    She rides him every morning, and grooms him half the night
    The last time that she kissed ME it was just to be polite.

    He dresses better than I do, with matching wraps and ties,
    My wardrobe's so neglected now that I attract the flies.

    One day my wife was shopping, she was down at the mall,
    And fancy pampered DANDY was just standing in his stall.

    He looked so smug and sassy, that I began to grin,
    I'd saddle that fat sucker, and take him for a spin.

    I've wondered since if cues I gave, he might have misconstrued,
    For when I climbed aboard that horse, he rightly came UNGLUED.

    He bucked and spun, and snorted fire, and threw me through a fence.
    I saw big stars and there are teeth that I ain't heard from since.

    My wife came home and saw me, just a lying in the dirt,
    She rushed up to her HORSE and asked him, "Sweetheart are you HURT?"

    He'd scratched his nose a little bit, and the memory galls me yet,
    She left me lying in the mud, and ran to call the VET!!!

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    Of course not that I'm guilty of anything like that *wanders away whistling to self*
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    if you fide a joke put it here

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    Now THAT is very funny Kassie!

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    With the mock interview, be yourself, answer the questions asked and also ask some of your own to show your interest in whatever you are being interviewed about.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    ok i will

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    i have got a one

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