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Thread: A Pic for the Horse Lovers

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    Oh jeeeeeeez, I want to adjust that halter soooo bad!!!
    I'd say Australian Pony.
    I love the last photo, what a sweetheart
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    Its rare you see the horses there with halters on, down the middle of the property there is a road/driveway the houses and a few paddocks are on one side and the big open paddocks are on the other so they only put them on to cross that just in case.

    Went out there again yesterday.
    The little foal is now huge. they named him Joker-
    hes still a bit timid around adults but loves the kids and goes straight up to them.

    The other Foal Flash is big too. He also loves kids but will push into you for a scratch..

    And one of the horses out my sisters window..

    And not horses but who can say no to baby animal pics?? lol The Farms Pet Cow Dolly and her calf

    If Kimba wouldn't eat it we prob would have taken this one home in a few weeks..

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