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Thread: Rargh!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Occy View Post
    34...36...36....32...3 effing 7


    Well possibly a more amusing mental image than an occypuddle
    opps Occy...i think you forgot this smilie after *poof*

    spontaneous combustion

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    reminds me of my favourite joke...

    A cannibal ate a clown and said it tasted funny...

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    It was a stinker here today! 37! Hate it,hate it, hate it
    Mon&Tues 37
    Wed 39

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    I'm with you Mags.

    Stinky hot 35+ all week until at least Saturday. No dog training this week I imagine. They don't have it when the forecast is this rough. 37 39 39 36... and they've been under with their forecasts. So I imagine those 2x39s will be more like 2x43s. Frosty doesn't understand why we're spending so much time inside. Well she does the minute we go outside (lemme back in where it's cool... - not till I get a shitnapiss out of you).

    And the overnight mins are mostly over 25 too. Bleah. At least Canberra used to cool down overnight.

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    Hey H
    Horrible hey?
    Seriously thinking of moving. I have family in Canberra and you're right at least the nights are cooler.

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    You're right. It does usually cool down at nights around Canberra here. Come about 9 or 10 pm on real stinkers, the easterly breeze usually arrives and saves us.

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