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    I would be tricky for you both....That's why I call you 'Floyd' and the other..'Myf' (I don't use 'AF' because that means 'aunt flo' in the parenting forums )
    My username comes from my bigpond username/addy...I originally wanted 'ozzy' because I loved ozzy ozbourne/black sabbath...but that username/addy was I had to quickly think up another name on the spot...hence ozey was made up


    "Ozzy" is the name i've got on my list of names for dogs, like it for 2 reasons, OZZY short for Australian & for music themed names for my SBT's, i name my SBT's after my favourite bands & muso's, my deceased SBT's name is Zeppelin & no guessing who big bum Floyd is named after

    Edited to add..

    You all can call me Deb or Floyd..

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    Feel free to call me Dorte (my name)...Cleasanta is a bit of a mouthful.

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    My "handle" can be a case of a "fat fingers" on the keyboard to type, so people usually call me "G4" or "GSD's". I've kept my av name from another forum, because basically ..... I'm just slack & not all that creative.

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