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    agro over nothing.

    Yeah - I call that "having a bad day"... when you're in the middle of one, sometimes you explode for no obvious reason (to other people).

    And then there's the bipolar people. Just because they're crazy, doesn't mean they don't have a useful contribution to make - if only to toughen the rest of us up on the "exciting" days. Mind you, I'm really really careful around these people in face to face contact, their anger is not something that makes any sense to me and is about as comfortable as being in the middle of a thunderstorm.

    Does that mean I have to actually read the snow dogs thread. Sigh.

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    I can sort of appreciate what he is saying, being a new member and being flamed over nothing in one of my first posts..

    But like others have said, you've got three options, fight back and forget all legitimate reason as to why you are fighting (what you believe in), Try and make your point better defined to stop the hostility, or ignore it and move on..

    I also have the art of putting my foot in my mouth more often then i care for, its not an art I appreciate having, but theres not much i can do about it, seeing as most of the time I never meant how it was taken...

    Wording is important on forums and sometimes taking a step back and a breather before the mad rush of posting is a good thing...

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    When you can put both feet in your mouth with room for a third, being able to stop and think first is a valuable asset. Wish I had learnt it long before I did.

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