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Thread: Whats Your Definition of a Wage Slave?

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    Default Whats Your Definition of a Wage Slave?

    As title says. And do you think you are one?

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    To me a wage slave is someone who is in a job they do not like because they are stuck there for the money to keep their heads above water. I don't think anyone who loves what they do would term themselves a wage slave.

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    Thats pretty much my definition aswell di dee1.
    "Wage slavery is the state where you are unable to perceive choices and create courses of action different from the grind of the job."

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    Wage Slave..

    ohh that's me for sure, ffs i dont even get paid for my work/job

    HH Engineer

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    I don't draw a salary, but I LOVE what I do.

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    I don't currently draw a wage, but when I have I've always loved what I did. If I didn't, I'd quit. But I think hubby has been a wage slave sometimes. He's had jobs where he's worked his butt off for next to nothing!

    Howver, my personal terminology of a 'wage slave' is someone who seems to care more about the wage they bring in then anything else in life. That's sad, cause life is certainly worth more than money. Can't take it with you when you die, can you?

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    Sometimes I really dislike my job...but most times I enjoy it. I love all my workmates..they are the ones who keep me going back...(and the money ).

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    Hasn't life changed so much from the excesses of the 80's !!

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    Me currently "self employed" but not very busy... Definitely not a wage slave.

    I was treated like a wage slave for a while and found it very hard to take. I've always had enough money saved up to quit and do nothing for a while so find it very hard to work for idiots who say things like "you'll do this stupid thing or we'll sack you", and hard not to answer that with "go right ahead - good luck finding anyone else on the planet that is willing and knows how to do the job"...

    So my definition...
    Someone who has no cash left to buy food or anything the day before payday, or even worse, two days after pay day and has ongoing expenses like rent/mortgage/fuel/food that make saving difficult. The way out of wage slavery is saving money, and cutting your living costs by doing things like packing your own lunch and catching the bus or riding a bike to work. It's amazing how much it costs to go work in the city anyway and how much cheaper it is to stay home. I used to waste money on clothes, food and transport that I don't have to spend at all right now. Plus being in town where all the good shops are is a major temptation in terms of spending money that ought to be saved.

    If you have a mortgage, put the money you save against the mortgage in an "offset account" so your savings reduce the amount of interest you have on the mortgage and eventually build up a buffer where you're ahead on repayments so if the worst happens and you tell the boss you need to resign (I've never given reasons or occasionally I write "personal reasons", like personally, I can't stand the boss but it's not a good idea to say that directly), anyway you can ask your bank if you can stop paying for a while and let the "payments" come out of the buffer. Anything that gets them more interest payments makes them happy - after all a mortgage is an asset for them and a liability for you. And that's assuming you pay off your entire credit card balance each month. If you don't, well welcome to severe wage slavery. Just hope you can keep the job you have and at the same time find another that pays better and is more fun to do.

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    OhhhhHH An interesting topic...

    My partner was defiantly a wage slave.. He use to work is butt off, he got the promotion he wanted (which lead to us moving from Melbourne to Perth), they then demanded more of him and he just gave and gave and gave...

    Well come the EFC (economic financial crisis), and being the last 'employed' in the state (over 6 yrs ago mind you), they asked him if he would be willing to resign/take out a redundancy package because they just couldn't afford to keep him

    That was a HUGE wake up call, as i work part time, but am at uni/look after our daughter after school etc and whilst we had saved a fair amount, we had also booked 2 holidays literally a month before 'the meeting' and paid it all off..

    He was out of a job for 4 months +, he was after the same type of job; the good pay/long hours/trips away etc... In other words he lived at work and we saw him on the weekends... It was horrible, but a lifestyle we had come accustomed to..

    During the 4 months+, we got rid of a lot of 'extras' like foxtel, large download plan on our net, hair and nail aptts etc... It was a real culture shock but after the first month we realised we didn't need it..

    As i said after 4 months + and still not being any closer to finding a job, he took a job as a grocery manager at an upmarket supermarket.. He got the job instantly, has been there a while now and absolutely loves it!!! The people are more "real' and friendly, so much so when he landed in the E.R 2 weeks ago and he couldn't make it into work for 2 days, his boss came over to offer us a hand if we needed it, and one of the blokes came in on his day off (when Den was back at work) to help him so he wasn't straining.. if he was at his other job, he would of been made to feel guilty about taking the 2 days off and had to have caught up on all the work he missed...

    Its lower pay (but seeing as we cut back it was enough) , he has to work one day on the weekend, but he gets home at 4 pm each day, so he can spend time with our daughter and we get monday to ourselves to have adult conversations!!! he's no longer the workoholic wage slave he was and he's soo much nicer to be around

    It was a real sea change, and a reality check, but it's been great having him less stressed and seeing more of him!! Sure I have to color my own hair and paint my own nails now, but it is defiantly worth it!!
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