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Thread: WII ... Thoughts, Opinions, Experience

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    I was wondering why you started this thread randomly talking about WII's

    We have one, just got it a few weeks ago with some TV promo thing. I hate computer type games and have not had the slightest of interest TBH, OH keeps hasseling me to play. Played the fishing game thing for the first time last friday night... and I think its dumb! (As most games I end up playing with my OH, as i have ZERO skill) Couldnt really do it, dont understand the whole thing and not playing again (How old do I sound!!)

    I love playing street fighter on the x-box though and am pretty good (Just smash all the buttons at the same time and I seem to win! )

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    The thread probably doesn't make much sense now as the posts are all jumbled up chronologically due to a "gremlin" of the last few days. My OH wants to buy one & I was getting everyone's opinions & experiences before I decide whether to go ahead or not.

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    ppls if get bored with the games, just trade them in, most game shops do trade in used games, my kids do it all the time when they get bored with game cartridges.

    "EB Games" & "Game" stores do trade in most game cartridges & complete game systems.

    ohhh the only expericence i have with w11 is the ten pin bowling game that my kids got, in which there were a few bruises on the silly kids that stood near my swinging arm as i bowled the ball

    My kids have got W11, Xbox360, PSP, PlayStation 2 including guitar hero drums, guitars,microphones etc, older Nintendo systems, Game cube, Game boys, DS's, laptop each, mobile phone each, portable dvd player each, mp3 players, large screen tv's

    ..bloody spoilt kids & its all my hubby's fault for spoiling them soo much
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