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Thread: Weight Loss

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    Default Weight Loss

    Hi Guys,

    Ok so I cant beleive I'm going to put this on a public forum but I figure I'll take support where ever I can get it (of cause thats assuming you'll give me some )

    After a humiliating (sp) experience at a nightclub recently I've decided I need to loss weight. My partner has been great but he doesn't really get it, he loves me the way I am and so doesn't think I should worry, but I need to do this for myself.

    I've got a personal trainer I see once a week (I'm pretty sure he's trying to kill me) and I've got a gym membership that I dont use because I hate going by myself. but I do do Zumba at home a couple of nights a week.

    It's the diet thats got me down, I'm not supposed to eat carbs, no bread, no pasta, no rice just fruit, veges and a little meat
    This is really hard to stick to since I''m the fussyest (sp) eater in the word (like raw vege's but dont like many cooked, will eat most stuff seperatly but not together eg, stirfry, soup ect.)

    To top it off I manage a very quiet cafe in the city (apart from 3 hours over lunch I'm the only staff member there), which gives me more than enough time to snack on muffins, choc, chips, all the good stuff

    To my credit I have lost 2kg in the last two weeks, but I'm starting to find it really hard.

    Wow I feel better getting that all out

    Is there anyone else going through or been through the same thing, if so do you have any tips on how to stay on track??

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    Firstly good on you for wanting to do something about it and making such a positive start! And bless your hubby,though he doesn't understand it's wonderful he loves you any shape or form

    I went through similar a few years back . From being quite tiny I somehow managed to reach a size 16 , quite a step up from an 8 to 10 .
    Mostly through inactivity and eating lots of -guess what?! - carbs

    I found the most beneficial for me was walking,not strolling along,really walking.Everyday sometimes 3 times a day/night. Good excuse to get away with you and just a dog for company lol

    I also found it hard to give up all carbs , really hard . So instead of trying to and keep failing I stopped all bread .And it worked! It is something we all eat the most of , pasta and rice is ok in moderation.I mean how many of us would have it more than once a week ?

    As for the cafe I cant help sorry as I wasn't often in that type of situation and when I was out somewhere I would try a new type of salad each time to keep it interesting.
    Oh and sugar! I cut right back on suger , that took some getting used to From 3 good tea spoons in my coffee to one small one and then none at all .You can use sweetners if you want but i didn't like the taste of them ( tastes just real sugar my bum)

    Whatever you do don't lose hope and keep your goal in sight , you can do it and we'll be here should you need us
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    Thanks Choppa
    I'm luckey I didn't eat alot of sweet things anyway so I haven't had suger cravings.
    I'm hoping when I move house (mid November) to start taking the dogs out walking again (not walking the dogs is a whole nother issue that I'm working on)

    It's fusterating how it kinda creeps up on you, I was a size 10 when I met my OH I'm now 14/16, I knew it was happening but kinda blocked it out I think.

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    The best advice I can give is to go and see a good naturopath. Sometimes losing weight is a very individual thing and a naturopath will design a diet specific to your needs.

    Some years back I got fat. Really fat. It wasn't related to exercise as I still had a horse and lots of dogs and got plenty of exercise. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't lose weight.

    That was when I consulted my naturopath. After a thorough check he simply said, "You know how to eat sensibly. Do it. And take these. They will really help."

    The "these" were Vitamin B6 tablets and I was put on a mega dose. The weight fell off. In six months I had dropped from size 20 (top) to size 12 and from size 18 (bottom) to size 10. I didn't look unhealthy as people often do if they lose weight quickly and I felt great.

    Now I am not for one minute suggesting you take vitamin B6 yourself. It's not as simple as that. My sister went to the same naturopath and he said B6 would not help her weight problem but eliminating certain food items from her diet would. Many were foods I was allowed to eat.

    This is what I like about naturopaths. The good ones treat each patient as an individual. Mine is in Victoria so I could pm you his name if you are interested.

    I know how hard it can be and a diet that includes foods you don't like isn't going to help. Certainly I was allowed carbs, some cheese and even a glass of wine now and then and I still lost weight.

    Good luck. Hope this helps a bit.

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    Good on you

    I too need to loose some weight yet again. I have done it before and I know I can do it's just starting that is the hardest part.
    I am usually a size 10-12...but I am now more like an 18
    The main things I did when I 1st lost heaps of weight was...
    - drink lots of water and cut out the softdrinks, cordial and all those sugary drinks.
    - Get fat free milk
    - Ultra slim shakes with fat free milk is good for filling up on instead of snacking.
    - walk...brisk walking with uphill work is great...(30 mins minimum per day)
    - leg lifts while laying in bed. Start out with 50 each side, then get up to 100.
    - No takeaway junk at home or subway...something healthy instead of burger and fries.
    - mini push ups to get the arms toned

    Just things like that I did daily...and once you start to see the weight comming just gets easier

    My problem is, my diet always starts

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    The key to losing weight is diet as most would know, just making small changes will benefit, like using low fat milk, not using butter or marg, if you have to have your carbs make sure it is before 3pm. Do you eat breaky, this is a must to get your metabolism up and running for the day.
    It really is a lifestyle change that needs to be worked on continuously.
    With the eating at the Cafe, try taking a container of celery sticks and carrot sticks, or any veg that you like. to work, cut up a heap, and instead of reaching for the muffins, have your healthy snacks on the bench so you reach for these instead, thats going to save you a heap of calories. Everytime you reach for the choc chips, think to yourself, theres 1 hour of wlaking to burn these calories off, do i really want to walk an extra hour.
    In the end, you just have to be strong when it comes watching what you eat.

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    That would be great Deerhound, while I really so like my personal trainer I'm not sure about the eating plan he's given me as I'm seeing him with 2 other people and he's given us all the same plan, it hasn't been tailered to us indervidually (sp).

    Thanks for the tips everyone, it's a big help.

    Anomad, I never used to eat brekky, I start at 6.45 and would rather send the extra 10min in bed than eat but thats one of the changes I've made.
    I have been taking healthy snacks to work and most of the time it works but being by myself most of the day once I start thinking about a muffin or something I become obsessed with it even after eating my healthy stuff. Unfortunatly my will power sux I'm working on it though.

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    Cutting everything out of your diet is not healthy. I am finding that I am losing weight by eating smaller portions more often and swapping at least some of the fatty foods with vegetables and fruit. It's about lifestyle change not about starving yourself.

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    Occy's last post sums it up. It should be a lifestyle change and not a diet.

    I do not believe in diets to lose weight. Just so you know where I am coming from and how I have formed my views I'll give you a brief run-down on my experience in this.

    I am a size 8 and have consistently remained a size 8 for most of my life, apart from a period of about 4 years when I had 2 children and my lifestyle changed. I went up to a size 12 at this time and was heading toward a size 14. For someone of my frame and height, this was a largeish weight gain.

    For most of my life I have been active, played sport (hockey), exercised and I owned a gym for 5 years where I lived and breathed exercise and health. I am now in my 40's.

    I was determined to learn about health from a very early age because my mother was morbidly obese and she died from her obesity.

    We preach health in our household and not diet. If you think healthy, the weight loss will follow.

    My golden rules -
    The biggest proportion of your weekly (not daily) diet should be;
    - things that grow in or on the earth
    - things that live in our oceans and streams

    The next should be;
    - things that live in or on the earth and the items that come from them

    The the last;
    - products that are man made from any of the above that are not highly processed (such as brown/wholegrain breads and pasta).

    Eat when you are hungry and not because it is 'expected'.
    Eat smaller portions of EVERYTHING.
    Gradually wean yourself off butter and wholemilk and slowly introduce other low fat dairy products into your diet.
    Do not buy packaged products - biscuits, sauces, frozen meals.
    Do not drink cordials, carbonated drinks or flavoured waters or milks - drink plain water only.
    Use tomato based sauces for dishes instead of cream or cheese based.
    Walk everywhere at a fast pace.
    Be active. Walk up stairs. Go for a walk. Get up and wash the dishes now, not later. Don't pander to laziness.

    I am healthy. I intend on being healthy my entire life. I love being healthy. My arteries are not clogged, my energy levels are high, my clothes fit me. I have very few health problems because I won't allow myself to be unhealthy.

    I do not buy cakes and biscuits and most processed foods. However, if we have amorning tea at work and there is cake - I'm there. I don't deny myself some pleasures, I just don't encourage myself to eat these things.

    If I go out to dinner with friends I eat what I want and I will possibly also have dessert. I am socialising. I don't want to restrict my enjoyment. However, at home I wouldn't normally have dessert and I wouldn't normally eat rich and creamy meals. I don;t even buy these things.

    To sum up -
    Think healthy.
    Move and be active.
    Avoid processed and packaged foods.
    Limit breads, meat and pasta.
    Have tomato based sauces where possible.
    Treat yourself but don't treat yourself every day.

    People often say to me "You're lucky, you obviously can stay slim easily" or "You're lucky, it must be in your genes". No! I am not lucky, and it is not easy, I am this way because I want to be this way and because I refuse to be any other way. I am healthy because I work at being healthy - every day.
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    Great post Anne.

    Your right I should stop saying I'm on a diet, it just feel that way at the moment, but I'll get used to it. Although I must say my fridge looks great, so many vegis I cant actually fit any unhealthy stuff in there

    As I said being fussy is whats making things hard, alot of people tell me 'eat seafood it's great for you' but I cant stand even the smell of fish, I've tryed it and it makes me want to throw up.
    I'v got some great cook books but there's very little in them I'll actually eat.

    I've gotten better over the years, up untill about 2 years ago, if we got chinese I'd only eat boiled rice and steamed dimsims, and forget indian or thai.
    If my OH is cooking he sticks to the rule if it's got more than 3 ingredience I wont eat it.

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