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Thread: Weight Loss

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    Maybe make some small healthy choices that you can happily live with. Maybe it will not help in the loss department initially but will improve your nutrition and self esteem in the will power and being pleased with yourself for small achievements area. Then if you wish, move onto more from there.

    When my kids were younger cleaning their room up was just so overwhelming for them as a whole, so I suggested just do under the bed, that got achieved about that bit there.
    I recently had a talk with a son who is now 25 and has a seemingly overwhelming situation, some he can change, some he can't. I brought back the cleaning room analogy and he found that by tackling a portion of his problem at a time that it is not so overwhelming.
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    i was a size 8 when i met my bf 3 yrs later im a size 10 and have decided to get back down to that weight, so we have struck a deal. if he doesnt drink coffee for the week (and you have to be honest) he gets a "Laura" token and i have to do something he wants for an hour.....(i know what your thinking) (NO) like a massage or something like that, and if i eat healthy and exercise EVERYDAY i get a "DANO" token and he has to do something for me =) this is the first week so we'l see how it goes....get someone to motivate you it helps heaps!!

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    I find the thing that works best is a very strong and clear goal, or sense of why you're doing it. And to think about that each time you think about breaking your pact with yourself.

    The pictures on the cigarette packets are supposed to help with this.

    I find a clear picture of the tax man coming to take me away - is not helping me do my tax. But for other things a very strong sense of "I want most (a house of my own)" or "I want a trip to Europe" will help.

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    Hi Bordeaux,
    I also cheated (when I first started doing it) in the food diary department, I had exactly the same thinking, if it's not written down it didn't happen! This was why I started the drawing BEFORE eating. I don't keep the page I draw on to look back on, it is there just to stop me eating that particular thing at that particular time. It takes longer to draw that "naughty" treat than it does to write it, you are drinking water while you are drawing it, so therefore are filling up (if hunger was the issue), and you are standing while you are drawing. You aren't comfortably sitting down next to that yummy treat so it's so nice and comfortable to just eat it any way. By walking away and looking at it again you are giving the rational part of the brain time to process what you are about to do so that when you walk back to look at your picture you are hopefully now strong enough to not eat it. My main problem with weight lose was boredom and routine. I would always snack on the things I shouldn't while the kids were sleeping and I was watching tv, that was a VERY hard habit to break, so I broke my aerial so that I can't watch tv. A very extreme measure but it worked, now instead of being bored and plonking myself on the couch in front of the tv I clean or do some gardening, not only is my house and yard looking better, but I am also doing incidental exercise and because I am busy I forget about putting those snacks in my mouth!

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