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Thread: What I Woke Up to at 6am

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    How creepy to wake up and see that...
    Great pics guys!

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    Hey E....

    my oh just heard on the radio that more dust storms just like Wednesday's are due again in Sydney & NSW on Friday/2moro, here we go again

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    oh no.. again! at least we know in advance and can batten down the hatches.. i feel sorry for your pool tho, do you have a cover for it?

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    Hi Zen

    no we don't have a pool cover, im getting sick of dust tho, i've mopped & vacuumed 2x already & the dust just keeps on coming back

    We got guests / friends due to arrive sat morning to stay a few days, hope their kids dont mind swimming in a murky pool, cause i give up trying to clean pool

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    Sheesh hey! Hope the coming storms arnt as bad!

    Was listerning to the radio this morning AF and they we saying DO NOT swim in your pool if it has the dust in it, it will stain your skin and clothes....? Dont know how true that is though... Hows the pool cleaner thing going? Stuggling?

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    Hey E

    i just watched 6pm news, the dust storms are now due in friday arvo, but not as bad as wednesday's dust storms & then gale force cold winds due early hrs sat morning, temps in low 20's all weekend

    No the pool & spa pumps-filters arnt coping at all, getting blocked etc, oh has washed out pool filters & pumps 3x already, omg the amount of red dust was amazing, took water sample to pool shop & was warned not to swim in it, cost us over $150- so far in pool water treatments, water is slowly becoming clear, but will be starting all over again after fridays dust storm

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    Hey Floyd,

    I'll tell you what. Crystal Car Wash did some good business and that's for sure
    Does anybody know if dust storms can actually be harmful to your dogs health.

    There's some great pictures there Floyd! Nice of you to go to so much trouble for the forums.

    I took buster inside that day! Was a bit worried about the dust particles getting into his lungs.

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