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    So we went and seen Coraline in 3D last night. It was sposed to be IceAge 3 but the times displayed on the net were wrong .

    Anyways... firstly , if you havn't seen a 3D movie since you were younger then you have to see this ! Gone are the days of the cardboard glasses with different colour lenses , you get a pair of glasses that look like a cross between Sunnies and Specs and they dont slip! So no constantly fixing your glasses .
    And the actual 3D effect is just awsome! Really , really good!

    The movie itself was thoroughly enjoyable as well
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    I agree!!! We went to see Harry Potter in an IMAX and the first 12 min were 3D. Was the first time for me to see a movie 3D and it was totally awesome!!

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    We went to Movie World last Monday and saw the Shrek 4D...that was awesome!!

    I can't handle the Imax theatre though...I get motion sick lol

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