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Thread: Talk to Me of Whooping Cough *sigh*

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~Jarrah~ View Post
    Mags you mean a vaporiser. Yes I highly suggest one as well, cheaper to buy than hire and well worth it for winter coughs and colds. Grab some menthos to put in it. I swear by mine
    That's it!!! VaporiserThanks J

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    Sorry to hear this Choppa, you just can't get a break lately can you??

    I'm starting to think that this is what my five year old has had too...

    It used to be called the "hundred day" cough. For obvious reasons... It lingers along and is generally a pain in the arse.

    If you're really coughing rubbing Vicks or the equivalent on the soles of your feet can help. Don't ask me why but it often does. Nice at bedtime.

    It's a real pain. My young one has been coughing now since before the school holidays and I'm only just thinking about sending him back - schools are not keen on coughing kids at the moment!! So that's probably a month that he's been coughing... yuck.

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